Friday, November 30, 2007

A walk down memory lane

This is one of my favorite pictures of my grandparents. Of course, the lady is my grandmother, Margaret, and to her right is my grandfather, Jimmy. The picture was taken in the late 30s. I think it was 1939, but it could've been '36. They were in Jacksonville, Florida and this is a friend of theirs pictured with them.
But I can't tell you what they were looking at. I would if I knew, but this has been a family mystery for as long as I can remember. I'm sure my grandmother knew what they were looking at, but unfortunately, I can't remember what that was.
Margaret and Jimmy met at a party and were married three weeks later. At the risk of sharing inaccurate information, I'll go out on a limb and trust my quirky memory (one that works half the time and the other half is on vacation), Jimmy was in Atlanta for a brief period. Besides the obvious strong attraction between the couple, this was what prompted such a short engagement. From what I understand, Margaret's mother wasn't thrilled with her daughter marrying so soon, but apparently she softened to the
Margaret and Jimmy were married for over 30 years, had two beautiful daughters and three grandchildren. My grandfather lived to see two of those grandchildren, but died in 1974. The story goes that he knew I was on the way.
I love this picture for several reasons. One is the way they're dressed. The men in their dress shirts and slacks. My grandfather, with his jacket and tie on. From what I understand, he usually dressed in a button up shirt and when they went somewhere, he wore a suit like this.
My mother, aunt, cousin and I always love to point out Granny's (Margaret) legs. She was a tall lady. The girls in the family always liked to giggle over how slender she was in those days - "And look at those legs - woo-hoo Granny," would be something you'd hear from my cousin Lisa.
Another reason I love this picture is because my aunt Judy and mother always pointed out their father. "Look at how Daddy's looking at Mama," they'd say. And then they'd go into a story about what a teaser Jimmy was and how Margaret would be vacuuming and she wouldn't know he was in the house and he'd come up behind her and grab her, or just unplug the vacuum.
Thanks for walking down memory lane with me today. Are there any old pictures you love, that stir stories from the old days? We'd love to hear about them. If anyone wants to share some of their favorite family pictures, email them to me and I'll attach them to the body of this post. Be sure to give me a description of the picture so we can all enjoy the memory with you!


  1. What a great picture, Christy. You should have that reprinted/blown up in the sephia and frame it with a nice mat. It looks like something you'd see in a gallery. Only what makes it better are the memories you have to go with it. I wish I had a scanner so I could send you my grandparents' wedding picture. There's a story there too.
    BTW, isn't there a pix you're supposed to be sending me?

  2. Mindy,
    That's a great idea. I think I'll look into enlarging this photo. Sorry you weren't able to share any of your family.

    And yes, that picture I'm supposed to be sending you is on its way... I'm ready for all the decorating assistance you can provide!

  3. Love the photo, Angie! It's so cool that you have all the old family photos!