Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How did you celebrate?

Celebrations make you do funny things! I'm climbing up on the counter to hang my new angel chimes. I really enjoyed their tinkling soprano sound. It'll remind me of Christmas all year.

So how do other countries celebrate? In the US, we don't celebrate Boxing Day even though it is traditionally remembered on Dec 26th elsewhere. This is the day to exchange gifts for some people.

When I lived in Spain, the gifts were exchanged on Jan 6th. It's Three Kings Day. Nothing much on Christmas though.

My daughter called so we could hear her open her presents way over in Thailand. We sure missed her! It was amazing to realize the gift of technology. Can you comprehend how awesome it is that God knew the technology would connect us to someone we love way back when he created the world? Stops me and makes me think!

So we celebrated with her:-D Very joyful to hear her even though we couldn't see her.

Think about the beauty of hearing the hosts of heaven rejoice at the birth.

It's all still about celebrating the birth of the Christ Child.

This holiday is about more than gifts, or is it?

It's about the greatest gift of all. Jesus. And all we do with gifts is about living out that example. We gift each other because a gift was our first example.

Sometimes our American commercialism drives me crazy. This year, I didn't mind so much because I was using those gifts to share an example of love. Giving a gift, not a thing, to show an action. A gift of love.

PS What do bricks have to do with Christmas? Come visit my blog:-)

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  1. Cute, Angie! At first, I thought you were pretending to be on a stage, singing. :)

    I spent the evening learning to use my new Blackberry. The kids knew I wanted one and got it on Ebay for $20! They're great bargain hunters like their mom. :)