Saturday, December 1, 2007

Windows Vista

I've been operating on an ancient computer with software that is beyond ancient. That's right. Until yesterday, I was still using Microsoft Office 97 - the Dinosaur!

We've been planning on buying a new computer for a while. My dilemma was whether or not to buy a desktop or a laptop. Since my husband and I share a computer and he has a home business, I decided it wouldn't be fair for me to buy a laptop and leave him computerless when I'm out of town. I have a laptop, but it's just as ancient as my desktop and I need a new one.

I'm typing this on my new 22" flat screen LCD monitor. I love my new keyboard, my new leather office chair my hubby surprised me with yesterday (as an early Christmas present), and I can't get over how fast my new computer goes. I might get more writing done after all. Even though we have high speed Internet connection, waiting on my old computer to download a page was a nightmare.

Okay, about Windows Vista. So far, I love it! This is the first computer and operating system that I've been able to transfer all my files without any major issues arising. Of course, I purchased the new 2007 Microsoft Office, but I was able to download my older version of Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and PageMaker (I know I need to upgrade, but a few things at a time!). So I'm shopping around for Adobe Creative Suite.

The software that wouldn't upgrade with Windows Vista is my old version of CuteFTP. So I just purchased their latest version. My Family Tree Maker software from the 90's wouldn't upgrade. Urggh! This is my most concerned issue. I have a family tree database of over 2,500 people. I'm praying my previous Gedcom file will open when my new FTM 8.0 arrives. If not, I will be handtyping in all those individuals with their birth and death dates, significant family info, and all my source information for the next two years. I can't let eight years of work disolve because of a computer upgrade.

Other than that, I love my new computer, and so far, Windows Vista is great!


  1. Well Jenn, I'm not nearly as technically savvy as you, so most of what you were talking about went over my blonde head. However, I got a new laptop in October and it had Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. I'm still getting used to both. Nothing major, just needing to adjust. I'm having problems finding where things are in Word that I knew exactly where to go before. Trial and error I guess.

    Congrats on the new computer. I'm envious of your HUGE screen.

  2. Happy for you, Jenn - especially for that nice computer chair. Internet isn't as good as an experience unless your body is confortable, too.

  3. Thanks, Ladies.

    I guess there was such a huge difference for me because everything I had was so old. I'm used the the new stuff at work, but not at home. We're hoping my eyes will hurt less from the new screen. I don't have to lean forward and get so close anymore.