Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This was the coolest moment! My Japanese exchange son and my mother-in-law both had a first experience. He's never seen anything like the way Americans celebrate the holidays. She's lived in Montana all her life and never been to this display. They both stood in astonished wonder at all the displays!

Every year, a couple here puts out an awesome display out of fun and joy. They do it as a hobby. People come from all over to ooh and ah. She was outside passing out candy canes to the children fully enjoying a hug from a toddler. Lots of laughter and giggles.

I know (and so do you) that the lights are not the reason for Christmas. But it is wonderful to know people still LOVE celebrating this time of year when our culture is pushing it away so hard. This couple does it to share joy with their town. I took my mother-in-law and my exchange son to see the wonder and joy on their faces. For a few minutes, they glowed as bright as the lights all over the house. (It takes them two months to set up all the displays.) I'm glad people like to celebrate. I'm glad God provided celebrations for us-especially Christmas and Easter.

Ultimately, I'm glad God sent His only son to be born of a virgin. I'm glad God gives us hope through celebration of that gift.

Here's a few more pics:-)


  1. Ang,
    How cool are your pictures? I'm glad your exchange student and MIL were a part of this celebration. I don't think I have the where-with-all to do a display like you've described, but thank goodness there are people who thoroughly enjoy it.
    We all benefit.

  2. Beautiful! We took my in-laws to MacAddenville, NC to see the whole town decorated in Christmas lights. Every year the town does this and the visitors keep growing. I hope your ex-change son really enjoys the holidays.

  3. We love the lights here, too. there are always a few houses that go all out. We love to drive around and look. It's a great family tradition.


  4. Very cool! And how exciting to see things through your exchange son's eyes.

  5. Thanks ladies. It is quite a display. I've had the most fun watching our exchange son experience Christmas. He is soo funny! We just love him and sharing all this with him for his very first.