Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gift Of a Child...Gift From a Child

As we celebrate the Christmas season, my main focus (at least I try to keep it that way!) is on God giving us the best gift ever--the gift of a child, the baby Jesus. As I was thinking of this, I was reminded of a wonderful gift from a child, my daughter.

She loves to write lyrics for songs. She started her own collection of songs when she was around eight years old. And the other day she had a poem in her head, wrote it, then popped out three more the next day. She decided she wanted to type them and put them in a booklet for her teachers for Christmas. My husband and I received a copy as well.

I told her thinking of gifts reminded me of her gift, and I asked permission to post one of the poems here. She and I debated on which one. Finally, after re-reading them, I decided to post them all. They're short, and, well, I'm very proud. So this is her gift to you as well.

The rain is comfort for those who are sad. The sound of drip, drop, drip, drop makes a shiver run down your back. The rain stings your face when you look up. The breeze makes memories come back, good memories. The rain dances as it hits the ground with a pound. When it rains, you feel at home and safe inside. The rain makes puddles that the kids up and down the street splash and play in. The rain is chilly, but warm. It sparkles like glitter in the sun. Rain is a joy to a parched desert. Rain quenches the thirst of the poor and cleans the earth. The rain is so wonderful. Rain, rain, rain. 12\13\07

The Christmas spirit makes everyone joyful. The silver bells that sing in harmony as they dangle together. The Christmas tree fills the room up with warmth and love. The Christmas lights are spread across the town like stars in the mid-night sky. Strangers become family during the Christmas season. On Christmas morning, families could never be closer. The Christmas feeling is something that never gets old. The Christmas music can make anybody start to sing along. The children smile as they ride by the decorated houses that glisten so dearly. Christmas is the best time of the year. 12\14\07

The Dandy-Lion
The Dandy-Lion waves oh so gracefully in the gentle breeze. It grants the wish from all the people who blow. It’s soft feeling comforts the little ones. It dares to spread across the field like a weightless cloud in the pale blue sky. It looks as if it were sweet powdered sugar on a steady green stem. If you’re lonely, it becomes company. No other flower can be so full of pride and joy. The Dandy-Lion, oh the Dandy-Lion. 12\14\07

Night is so very peaceful. The crickets’ song rocks you to sleep like a mother’s soft lullaby. The snow-white moon beams down upon your face the whole nightlong. The warmth of your bed comforts you greatly. The covers wrapped around you hold you tenderly. The stars in the pitch-black sky, twinkle and dance like fire. The gentle breeze sweeps through the window and soothes your body. All your troubles slip away, and your lovely dreams creep in and make you smile. Night is so perfect. 12\14\07

Merry Christmas from the Tippens household to yours!



  1. Wow! I'm impressed. Sounds like someone got the writing gene from her mama. Tell her to keep up the good work.

  2. I will, Mindy! Thanks. You'll make her day. :)

  3. I agree with Mindy. Her prose is very insightful for a kid her age. I'm impressed!

  4. These are really enjoyable glimpses of her personality. She has her own writing voice already!

    Tell her thank you,