Sunday, December 2, 2007

"Home By Christmas" - An Old Fashioned Christmas Story

Today begins Home By Christmas, an old fashioned Christmas story written by thirteen different authors. Between now and December 23rd we'll post a continuing section of the short story each week. The first installment is by Author Louise M. Gouge. You can check it out at its dedicated blog at Home by Christmas. Be sure to bookmark this site for the holidays!

And since this is Sunday, I'll start the faith ladies off on our tradition of listing what we've been up to this this week. I've already posted about my new computer. But prior to that I managed to start on a new manuscript. I've ploted the story, created my character sketch on the main characters, and I'm half way through writing the first chapter. My internal editor is on and I keep making changes, but I think I've got the start that I want. We'll see what my critique partners say. This is a new historical set in South Carolina, and I'm really exited about it as the idea came from my family history.


  1. I stayed home today from church with my sick daughter. Fever and throwing up. Yesterday I printed out calendars for the months my story takes place in and tried to sketch out some details. I'm revising and am about 24k through on a 60K manuscript, however I need to turn my editor back on before anyone takes a gander at it.

  2. I just went to the home by Christmas blog - I didn't realize our very own Jennifer is one of the contributing authors!!!

    Louise starts us off with a very interesting story... Check it out.