Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ahem, yep it's the New Year.

Um, I just noticed it was Wednesday...

Don't ask...

Okay, do...

Holiday mixed with my son's wedding and out-of-town guests...

I actually lost track of the days and time...

Have you ever done that?


New Year's Resolution: Look at calendar!


Come see the wedding photos at my daily blog...:-D Proud Mama.

So my plans this month are to take Margie Lawson's class starting today on Defeating Self-Defeating Behaviors. It's one month long and I'm VERY excited about it. You can find it at

I can't wait for the class to help me achieve my goals this year!



  1. Hey, you're entitled to a mixup right after a wedding! LOL

    I've take that class from Margie. It's great!


  2. Dear Angie, sounds like you've got a lot planned for 2008--just like 2007! I checked out the wedding pics on your blog and loved the all white wedding. My daughter got married last July and had black and white (you can see a pic of our family at also loved the pic of you in the Mrs. Montana dress--you certainly don't look like Randy in that! LOL rose