Wednesday, January 23, 2008


You may have heard the word "called" before in a spiritual sense. But I've often wondered what that really means. Is God going to holler out, "A-N-G-E-L-A" like my parents did?

Mindy hit on it yesterday, in my opinion. She mentioned that God already had the plan laid out for us.

When God has a plan He wants us to follow, we seem to worry ourselves about how things are going to get done. Too funny when you think about it! Everything is already in place and we run around thinking we still need to do what's already done! It's like asking how to get to OZ when the yellow brick road is right in front of you. Just take a step, and then another.

Lately, I've felt called. Little bricks keep laying themselves right in front of my feet. I have an idea of where I'm going, but I'm not sure who I'm going to meet or what issues I'm going to have to deal with along the way. There are even deadlines to meet like the hour glass Dorothy races when she lays down in a field of poppies. Am I delayed by a longing to rest in beauty and comfort?

Over the next few months, I'll be blogging about some of the work I'm doing as Mrs. Missoula 2008 and my quest toward Mrs. Montana and Mrs. America. The vision isn't to wear a crown so much as it is to expand the reach of the work I'm already doing promoting the health and well-being of Montana from the children to our business economy. One of those things is working with the Jadyn Fred Foundation to raise money for about 80 children in Montana that suffer from cancer. These kids, and their families, have such a constant battle with everyday life.

I feel called to be a part of this cause. Why? Because I'm a 5 year cancer survivor? Or because I have a bunch of kids? No, because I feel strongly that these families need compassionate financial help and reaching out to those in need bonds us in a united effort. It bonds the community while reaching out to individuals. To me, that is incredibly healthy giving.

Insurance companies turn down regular expenses that aren't optional to the family or the ill child! Not optional! They have to get treatment, usually in Seattle, without enough money for the mountain of bills. But the money is there. It's with the hearts that are waiting to be called.

The Jadyn Fred Foundation takes applications for financial help that is not covered by insurance. They help with groceries, gas, air plane tickets, extra treatment costs and on and on. These folks were called too. Each for different jobs in order to help as many as possible.

The more I learn, the more I realize God had this path laid out for me a long time ago. All I have to do is step out and answer when He calls me to step on one more brick.

So you might be hearing a call too. What is the little tingle of a sound? What do you think you are being called to do? It may be the same as someone else and it may be very different. You may work in one capacity like Lynn and Sandee do as leaders of the organization or another as I do by merely volunteering my time.

You may be called to donate time, work, funds, teaching, cooking, driving someone to an appointment...Who knows? Well, I guess one Big Guy does :-D

I love the verse in Esther that says, "How do you not know you were called for such a time as this?" She was called to offer her life to avoid a massacre. I've been called to help raise funds. You may be called to read a story to the blind.

Some of us are called to work together and some of us have to work alone. Don't fear, the bricks are already laid before you. Step out in faith. Take another step. Perk up your ear. You have been called. Now ask Him for directions instead of being distracted along the way.

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  1. GREAT post, Angie! May we all step out one day - one brick - at a time!


  2. Another great post. The FAITH girls are on a roll. That's awesome the volunteer work you're doing to help the Foundation.

    We just have to remember to have the faith in God to follow no matter what direction. wonderful reminder, Angela!

  3. Ang,

    Great post! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Excellent post, Angie! Y'all are making it hard for me for tomorrow! :)


  5. Love the yellow brick road analogy. So true.