Saturday, January 26, 2008

Guest Blogger - Author Lynette Eason!

Hello FAITH bloggers,

Jennifer so kindly allowed me to be here today and I'm honored. She asked me to share my story to publication, what I have coming out and what I'm working on next, and why I write Christian fiction.

My journey to publication isn't anything unique or special, unfortunately, just loaded with perseverance and hard work. I started writing about 9 years ago. I've always loved the written word and with my imagination always in overdrive, it's never hard to come up with a good story. But 9 years ago, I sat down at my little old desktop and pounded out a story.

As most writers are, I'm a voracious reader. In the middle of my first attempt at writing a novel, I read Dee Henderson's book, The Negotiator. I emailed her and told her how much I loved her story and she emailed me back. From there, we struck up a friendship and she began to mentor me in my writing. I believe that was a total God thing. Through her, I learned so much really fast. She helped me on stuff that would have taken me years to figure out. Stuff I needed to know, but didn't know I didn't know it. Does that make sense?? Ha.

Anyway, I kept at it, submitting, being rejected, submitting, being rejected. UNTIL last February, I got the call from Krista Stroever from Harlequin in New York saying they wanted to buy my book. I was at work and barely held the scream in. (I worked at a deaf school, so guess if I'd have screamed, it wouldn't have really bothered anyone.) Anyway, after a year of rewriting, revisions, line edits, AA's, etc., my book is now in my hands and due to hit the shelves February 12th! It's called LETHAL DECEPTION and is book 1 in the series.

RIVER OF SECRETS will be out in August and HOLIDAY ILLUSION will be out in November. AND yesterday, my agent called to tell me that my fourth book sold! A SILENT TERROR will be out in March of 2009. It's the first in a series also.

I write Christian fiction because I can pour myself into the story and take pride in what I'm writing. I'm writing about someone I love. I pray that I write stories that give people hope, maybe see God in a different way. This world has trauma and tragedy in it. I think we see enough of that all over the place, in the news, the newspaper, etc. And I write about some of these things, but the difference is, I show people where to place their hope, their faith and I get to tell people about a God that loves them unconditionally. That's why I write Christian fiction.

Well, if you have any questions for me, I'll do my best to answer them. If you leave a comment, I'll put your name in the drawing for a free book. Thanks for stopping by! And thank you, Jennifer, for featuring me on the FAITH blog today.

God Bless!


Jennifer here, I've read Lynette's first book Lethal Deception, and if you love a good romantic suspense, you'll love this book! Also, if you're anywhere within driving distance of Charlotte, NC, Lynette will be speaking to Carolina Christian Writers next Saturday, February 2nd, on how to weave the element of suspense in your novel.

Lynette, thank you for joining us today!


  1. Hi Jennifer and Lynette,
    I'm looking forward to the workshop on Feb. 2nd. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. You write my favorit types of books! I would love to be part of this drawing! Great interview, and a new author for me!

    kimfurd at hotmail dot com

  3. oops! I can't spell! that's favorite! with an 'e'!

  4. Lynette, I'm so excited to see your first book out soon!!

    Congrats again on the 4th sale. I've got a lot of catching up to do! LOL

    Thanks for being our guest today.

    Missy :)

  5. Hi Lynette Great interview. I will be glad when LETHAL DECEPTION is in the store. Congrats again on the 4th sale of your books. Have a great weekend .

  6. Looking forward to this one hitting the shelves. See you at CCW in February.

  7. HI everyone! Thanks so much for leaving your comments. I just read over the interview and someone needs to remind me to never answer questions that need to be well-written at 1:00 in the morning! Oh well, the writing wasn't that great, but I guess I made my

  8. LOL, Lynette! You did fine. :)


  9. Lynette, thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you could be with us. I've heard wonderful things about your new book. I can't wait to read it.

  10. And the Winner is....Kim! My daughter drew your name out of the cup. Send me your mailing address at