Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Inspiration from Nehemiah

I'm late, I know. Forgive me. To top it off, I have no idea what I'm going to talk about today. No, that's not why I haven't posted. Yet here I sit.

In cases like this, you all get to find out what's been going on inside this blonde brain of mine. Now before you decide to quickly evacuate from this page, let me clarify.

A few weeks ago, our pastor started a new series called The Power of One. He's been speaking on the book of Nehemiah, and boy is it hitting home. Especially in the context of my writing life. Did you know Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days? Yet before he even started, he prayed for 120 days. Are we willing to surrender ourselves and our writing to God's will?

There's been some discussion this week on the ACFW loop about dialog and killing our little darlings, those little things we've put in our stories that we love so much we'd never let them go. Painful as that is, when I'm truly seeking God's direction in my writing, sometimes He's got something much better in mind.

Our pastor made a statement I thought was really profound as a writer. Particularly one who didn't start out writing for the CBA market. He said, "God wants to work IN us before He does something THROUGH us." Wow, does that so make sense. When I look back and see the way He's worked in my life these past few years, how much closer I've grown to Him, I feel so blessed.

How often have you prayed something like this, "Oh Lord, please let my book sell this year?" But do we really believe He can do it? When rejection after rejection piles up and things seem hopeless, we need to remember that God is still in control. When God puts an opportunity before us, He's doing all kinds of things around us. Things we know nothing about.

God is always preparing us for what He's doing. And if He's called you to do something, He's already laid the groundwork. God's delays are not denials. We can either move forward in faith or turn away in fear. What would you do, how would your writing flourish, if you were not afraid?

Remember, what God initiates, God anoints. We need to believe it, because He will provide.


  1. Mindy,
    I'm seeing these thoughts popping up all over in the blog world. I think God must be really speaking to the hearts of those to whom He has given the gift of stories. There are a lot of writers praying for direction and writing their best in His timing! It really blesses me to hear this and read this from so many folks within the CBA market. What a wonderful testimony of His perfect grace!

    Thanks for this!


  2. Wow, preach it, Mindy!!

    For a gal who didn't know what to write, you sure blessed me today. (even if you are blonde. :))


  3. Mindy,

    You'll never know what this email confirmed in me. There is not enough space in the comment section to respond---but thank you. This is such reinfocement. God knew what you had to write.
    Nehemiah has been ALL OVER my life lately, and here it is again. God---I hear You!!!

  4. I'm so glad this post spoke as much to you all as it did to me. So often we feel like we're in this all alone. We forget that He's always with us and working for us.
    LOL! Lindi, I'm glad you got the message :-)

  5. Excellent point-God has already laid the groundwork. I feel that in my upcoming work this year. I feel called to the things I have committed myself to this year. I've often wondered what it would be like to be "called."

  6. Powerful stuff!

    Didn't know what you were going to write, Twinkie?

    ... Well, God knew. We got the message...

    Loud, Clear, and Blessed!