Thursday, January 24, 2008

Juggling the Yellow Brick Road

Missy here. Mindy's and Angie's posts got me to thinking. We've got to let God work in us, then through us. We need to turn away from fear and follow the path that God has set before us (our yellow brick road). And as Angie said, that may just mean walking brick by brick. We might not even know what's ahead. (I'm paraphrasing both ladies, here, giving the message I got from their posts.)

I'm at one of those points right now where I truly feel like I'm taking one small brick at a time. And if I look too many bricks ahead, I start to worry.

I'm in the middle of re-writing a book, and it's going slower than I had hoped. My daughter just had surgery, and the recovery has been more difficult than I imagined. My house is a disaster (what's new?). The kids have just started a new semester, and that means new classes/new teachers/new expectations. Also, tennis season is getting started for my two oldest, and that means practices and matches every day. And then there are college scholarship applications, FAFSA, and the beginning of the avalanche toward graduation (and all the emotions that entails). Also tax time for my two businesses.

And all this is happening about the same time as my first book release.

I think I may be juggling bricks instead of trying to walk on them! :)

There's no way I can move ahead through all this without prayer. And I need to rearrange my priorities. I've let my Bible study and devotional time slide, and I can tell the difference. I can feel it in my lack of focus, in my anxiety, in my frustrations.

Lord, we're all so busy. We all have things going on in our lives that others don't even know about. We're tired, we're pulled in too many directions. And yet, You've enabled us to live the lives You've set before us. Help us to put our sights on You. Help us to trust that You have a plan and will equip us to follow that plan. Help us to focus outward, to reach out to others instead of wallowing in our own stress and anxiety. Help us to put You first.




  1. Amen, Missy. I can tell when I let my devotional and God-stuff slide. I can feel it deep down and on the surface. It's like food. We have to continually take in the things of God to be able to live them out. What an awesome, inspring week you ladies have given us. May we never forget the reason we are who we are and where we are--it's because of Jesus and the greatest love of all.

  2. PS---Were you really still up at almost 3am? Missy--get some sleep!!

  3. Lord,
    I lift up Missy to you this morning. She is busy and feeling overwhelmed. Fill her this day with Your love, encouragement and strength that she may honor and glorify you as she completes the tasks set before her.

    Thank you, Lord for your faithfulness!


  4. Missy,

    Thank you. I really needed this prayer and I prayed it with you. I know I've been quiet since we returned from the funeral. I'm struggling getting back on schedule, and yes, even focusing on God. But I feel His presence with me, comforting me. He gave me the strength I needed to comfort my daughter when she finally broke into sobs at 4 in the morning after we left the hospital. And He gave me wisdom to answer her questions to her satisfaction. God is so wonderful. Why don't we turn to Him more often?


  5. Like the verse says, "Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of a God and His righteousness, and ALL these THINGS shall be added unto you." If we don't put Him first, we end up losing our way.

  6. I want to clarify that we didn't leave the hospital at 4am, but that's the time Celina's sobs woke me from across the hotel room.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement and scripture verses, ladies. And Kim, thanks so much for the prayer.

    Jenn, I'm so sorry about your loss. It's really hard when our children hurt. I'm sure you told Celina just what she needed to hear and were a comfort to her.


  8. I'm juggling bricks right with you Missy.

    Jenn, Sending you and your family a cyber hug and prayers!