Thursday, January 31, 2008

Launching a Dream Come True

Well, today I'm going to officially celebrate the release of my Steeple Hill Love Inspired book, Her Unlikely Family. I've been told it's on the shelves in a Walmart in Arizona and in Pennsylvania. I still haven't checked any stores near here, but I do know my local independant bookseller received his shipment! He ordered the books to prepare for my book launch celebration and signing to be held at my church this Sunday. And over the next couple of weeks, I'll be taking part in a mini-blog tour. I won't be hitting a different blog every day like some other writers have done. But I have a few interviews arranged. They've been so fun to do!

Another event will be a LIVE radio show this Friday morning at 8 am. I'm so nervous about that one! But I've heard the interviewer does a great job at making you feel comfortable, so I'm trying to push away the nerves and enjoy it.

I also have a couple of speaking engagements lined up. I have ideas but haven't put my thoughts on paper yet.

This is all making it seem real, finally, after a year of waiting for the release. I cried when I first held the book in my hands. It was the personal realization of a goal, of something I had worked toward for many years. But now it's time to go public. I'm puting my baby out into the world. I'm helping promote it, I'm reading reviews about it, I'm receiving letters and email from readers, and I'm worrying that I'm forgetting to do something important! LOL

All in all, it's been a great experience, one I will treasure always.

To celebrate, and also, admittedly, to help build a reader mailing list, I'm holding a contest on my website. I won't send many mailings--just announcements and maybe an occasional newsletter. And I promise I won't share your name or email address with anyone. So please stop by my website and visit the contest page for the rules. I'll be putting together a gift basket of goodies for a nice cozy, winter day by the fire--book included! I'll draw one name to be the lucky winner.

Thanks for celebrating with me today!!



  1. Yea! Congratulations, Missy. We're so proud of you.

  2. I'm reading it and I'm loving it!!!

  3. Yoo-Hoo! I looked in my Publix tonight, but didn't see it. I now have a camera phone so I can take a photo. NOt that I know how to upload it mind you.

  4. My daughter has a nice small digital camera that'll fit in her pocket. We're going to go as a family to Walmart and see if it's there sometime this weekend. :)

    We're going to look like such fools! LOL