Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting the New Year Write

Well, here we are at the beginning of the another year. Missy, stop crying. Just tuck last year into the memory vault with all your other treasures.

A new year is usually accompanied by resolutions. Several years back I started making a new resolution. . .not to make resolutions :-D

Anyhoo, instead of making promises that I will most likely break, I've decided to set some goals for the year. What do I want to achieve? What do you want to achieve this year? You may, or may not, want to write them down. Then come December, you can pull out the list and check off everything you've accomplished. Or be depressed about how far off the mark you were. But that's seeing the glass half empty so we won't go there.

For starters, I need to get back in the habit of writing. The holidays can really throw a kink in things, but now there are no excuses. I need to push through my fears. What if I get it wrong? If I do this here, how will it affect things there? I need to stop being afraid and just do it. I have a delete key for a reason. Greatness never came from status quo. Right? Didn't somebody say that? Well, if not, they should have.

Okay, so those really aren't big goals, but they are goals nonetheless. What else do I want to do? I have a couple of proposals I need to get out. When? Ah, that's what I need to figure out. And that's what I'll be doing today. Thinking about the year ahead and what steps I'm going to take to further my writing career.

What about you? What are some of your goals for the year ahead? Remember to make them attainable. Of course we'd all like a three-book contract, but we don't have control over that. Think about the things you do have control over. Maybe it's getting up an hour early to devote to writing. I know some of my best ideas come as I'm drifting off to sleep or when I wake up before everyone else. Then when I get to the computer I forget them. Maybe I need to get up and sit with a notepad and jot down all those fresh thoughts.

Above all, I must allow God to be my time manager. He's always so much better at it than I am anyway. Pray over your goals. Devote them to The One who can help you achieve them, and then some. Then meet me back here next year and we'll see just what we've done.


  1. Well, no tears this year, Mindy. Apparently, I don't get the luxury of moping over the ending of the old year anymore. My children are all old enough to stay up til midnight now, so forget my peaceful, reflective night! I did enjoy myself, though. I baked a red velvet cake with my daughter--from scratch. We finally sat down to eat a piece at 11:50 pm. (Then the top layer fell into two big pieces and slipped off the bottom layer at about midnight.) :)

    Oh well, goals can wait for tomorrow, I guess. I do know that I WILL write 2 books in 2008. That's not just a resolution or goal. It's a promise! Anyone reading this is required to hold me to it.


  2. Mindy,
    My goals are to have more patience with myself and to be more detailed at the things I do. I always seem so rushed!! I've got to stop that. Another goal is to exercise-yuk-and make sure I read something of God, devotional, Bible, something every day.
    We are probably changing churches starting this weekend so prayer for that transition would be appreciated.
    And writing...yes, I do have goals there. To write what I can and be true to who I am and what God wants me to write.

    Okay...I think I've gone on far too long.

    Missy, you will write a minimum of 2 books in 2008. I see you not only finishing two, but at least starting a third.

  3. My problem is too many goals. Lindi, you and I are on the same wave length it seems. New blog designs, morning exercise, devotionals, and off to work. My writing goal for 2008 is to keep writing, go to the Blue Ridge Writing Conference, as well as the ACFW Conference. I hope to enter more contests besides the Golden Heart and the Genesis. My nonwriting goal is to find a house in Cabarrus County so we can get my daughter out of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system before she goes to middle school. So I guess we'll be moving in 2008.

  4. I forgot one other goal. To get my website up and running. There I've stated it. Now maybe it will happen.

  5. My first goal for the year is to finish this book I "claim" to be revising and send it to the editor that requested the full!

    I've been revising the thing since last year! Enough already!

    I bought a Jack Lalanne juicer, so my goal is to get more fruits and veggies via the juicer every day. If I can have at least ONE glass of juice each day, I'll be doing good.

    We are updating our house. Installing trim, painting, etc. Like Jenn, we're looking to move this year. Mainly we want to get out of a subdivision.

    And since I'm returning to work in 2 weeks, my goal will be to fit writing into my day every morning.

  6. Good idea! Like Jenn, I have too many goals. But here are a few tangible ones.

    1. Continue taking online classes, at least one a month.
    2. Finish my non-fiction book by the end of January. Set aside 3 days a week to finish.
    3. Finish my fiction book by the end of April. Again, a minimum of 3 days a week.
    4. Take the classes I need for Mrs. Montana pageant (interview, model tips, etc.)
    5. Have all pageant sponsors requested and in by mid-Feb.
    6. Compete for Mrs. Montana in July.
    7. Compete for Mrs. America (Hey, you have to plan to win-not lose.)
    8. Begin working on promotion for non-fiction book's publication.
    9. Begin third non-fiction book by mid-September. Sooner if pageant work allows.
    10. Finish the mentoring homework for my hubby's business. Work one hour a day on it in addition to regular work.
    11. Attend ACFW in September.
    12. Listen to my ACFW MP3's once a week on the classes I want to take with my workbook.

    I'm still working on this list, but I'm actually going to take it and add it to my daytimer. This way I can add it daily or weekly to my schedule.


  7. Speaking of hubby's business. My hubby decided he wanted a whole new look. I've designed a new logo for his company. During the holidays, I redesigned his website, his business cards, letterhead, labels, and got some quotes on printing new invoices. I'm worn out and now I have to go back to work tomorrow. Plus, I had to learn how to do everything on new software. One goal I forgot to mention is I want to read more. And spend more time reading with my daughter.

  8. I'm laughing as I reread my most and y'all's comments. They all truly reflect our personalities. LOL! And we can definitely see who's the most organized FAITH sister :-)

    Lindi, Jenn...exercise (a big fat YUK!) is on my list, too. I really want to get back to weight training, but I HATE cardio. Have I ever told you that I once held the ladies bench-press record for my local YMCA? Of course that was before my last child. He'll be nine later this month. Sigh.

    I'm looking forward to this year and what it holds for all of us. I'm so glad we have each other to celebrate our victories with. And there will be LOTS of victories.