Monday, January 7, 2008

Write From The Heart

Writing is about storytelling. So I'm going to tell you a story. But I'm going to start in the middle because to start at the beginning would make for a very long post.

So the middle of the story begins:

A couple of years ago, when I wrote my book titled Girl In Waiting, my cp's told me without a doubt I had found my voice. My "voice." You know that thing that all writers search and search for. Well, it only took me 8 years or so to find it. Anyway, the problem is my "voice" is hard to sell for an unpubbed writer. First person, generally one POV, present tense no less. (Oh, the horror of it!)
So I have struggled with what to do. I have started stories, yes stories in this "voice," stories with the traditional third person, hero/heroine/sometime secondary character POV. I've done it all. And I've struggled.
But now I've quit struggling.
It came to me one day a couple of weeks ago, I need to do what God is telling me to do. I need to write what I feel is put on my heart by God. I know it's the first person type of story.
So I"m writing. I was 3/4's done with a book and I've started over. It took me FOREVER to write that much. I'm not breezing through with the new direction, but it's fun, exciting and I can't wait to write.
What about you? Have you struggled with what to write? Do you just know what it is you are supposed to be doing?
I'd love to hear stories from you.


  1. This is a great post, Lindi. I think what you've stated here is key "Do what God is telling me to do."

    Good advice for us all.

  2. I am so there with you, Lindi. People kept trying to tell me I had to tell a story this way or that. It totally bogged me down. I didn't know if I could do it their way. Then one day, as I was doing a Bible study, I said, "Okay God, I know Your answer for me is in Your word. So I'm going to trust that as I read today, You'll reveal to me what I'm supposed to do."
    Well, one of the verses I had to look up was Galatians 5:1. Nope, that wasn't the word for me. But further down the page, not only underlined in my Bible, but highlighted in blue, was Gal. 5:7. "You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth?" It was as if God was telling me, I told you what to write, now stop listening to other people and write what I've given you. Oh what a relief. That verse was my little spiritual neon sign.

  3. Cuz, Im sorry, but every time I say what I think I need to say I get in trouble..........if I WERE to have a resolution for the New Year, it would be brain first, mouth second. Perhaps you can help me with this ! And by the way, Christy, aren't you supposed to be writing instead of answering blogs ??
    A happy 65 degree day from Ohio, totally unheard of, but greatly appreciated !!! :)

  4. Wow cuz---65 degrees? How awesome.
    Thanks all for the comments.
    I'm totally convinced that for this year, this season, I'm going to listen and learn...I hope!

  5. I do struggle. I have so many ideas and so little time. I love writing both fiction and non-fiction. But I also love speaking. I love speaking on heart matters that make a difference. My desire is to write fiction based on truth, support it with non-fiction books and devotionals, and then speak on related topics. I feel frustrated that I have to keep putting so many balls in the air to get it ready for the Big Top. Yep, it feels like a circus sometimes trying to reach my own dreams and be a great wife, mom, and business owner. But I strive for the purpose God made me to do. With that goal in mind, I step closer each day that I keep it in sight.