Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Big Day in the Tippens Household

My baby turns 18 today. (I'm writing this on Wednesday.) I cannot believe it. I mean, aren't I only about 30? Wasn't he just wearing diapers and toddling around? Wasn't he recently going off to kindergarten?

My baby. Eighteen years old! A senior in high school. Taking AP calculus and lit (so I can't help him with homework anymore). Accepted to his dream college. Planning to move away in August. Six hours away, no less!

I've got to face it. My baby is no longer my baby. He's a young man with dreams and plans of his own. And before I know it, he'll be two states away. But until then, I'm going to treasure every moment. I'm going to have to prepare, though, for the beginning of the empty nest syndrome. I'm sure it'll be a tough transition. I'll be calling on those of you more experienced to help me through. Plus, I have two more babies at home to keep me busy. :)

But my goodness, he'll be able to vote. To register for the selective service system!

Okay, I'll stop putting you all through my trauma. LOL

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  1. Happy Birthday to the boy!! or man now, I guess. Hope the celebration is fun---he's such a good kid---

  2. Hi Missy,

    Just look at it this way, I bet YOU aren't 50 YET !!! A bright thought for you ! Happy Birthday to your son !

    Cousin Wendy

  3. The best is yet to come :) And through it all we shall remain AGELESS.

  4. LOL, Wendy! Yes, I have a few more years to go before that one. But not many! :)

    Thanks, Tina. I remember my grandmother always telling me she stopped having birthdays at 39. And she lived to be 90--I mean 39 plus a few years. :)

    Thanks, Lindi! I'll tell him you said so.


  5. Missy,

    Just the other day I was thinking about Celina. In just eight years she'll be 18 and graduating high school. If the next eight years go as fast as her last eight years, it will be here much too soon. I doubt I'll be ready.

  6. Jenn, it'll seem like you blink and graduation will be here. So treasure every moment!


  7. happy belated birthday
    you know all the good ones are born in february.
    wow 18 you must have gotten that wrong!