Friday, February 1, 2008

Celebrating Her Unlikely Family - Release Today!!!

With the new job and getting acclimated to juggling work life, family life and trying to find somewhere to put writing into all of that, it's nice to have a good book to settle down with at the end of the day. I wish I was finished reading it so I could do a proper review, but as it is, I'm only at chapter five - alas, the working and family life cause reading to take a backseat.

The good book I'm talking about is Her Unlikely Family by our very own Missy Tippens.

So far, I've covered four chapters and while I've laughed at some of the situations the characters are in, I've also sensed a quality that some authors don't grasp. It's being real. Josie Miller has pink hair. Lisa, Michael's niece, has green hair. Michael's pretty straight-laced, but he can't stop thinking about Josie and he prays for her face to stop invading his thoughts. AH! What a wonderful, classic romance with all the elements of today's quirks. It makes you feel as if you're reading about your best friend - you're rooting for their family - you feel like you know the town they live in, or perhaps you live in that small town.

And since I've visited Gatlinberg, TN - though it was only a one time, one weekend visit - I'm trying to remember if Bud's Diner really exists. Maybe it only exists between the pages of Her Likely Family, but the people in the town and in this story are becoming more familiar to me and more like friends as I continue on with the story.

Now what a great way to relax during my lunch break or at the end of a long day - reading about people you like and hope to see beat the odds in the end. AH! That's the wonderful thing about romance, especially Christian romance.

Well done, Missy!!!

Oh! and in just a few minutes - Eastern Standard time - Missy will be doing her FIRST Radio Interview - follow this link to listen.


  1. Christy, thanks so much for talking about my story! Bud's Diner is not actually a real place, but it's very much like a lot of little diners in small towns here in Georgia or Tennessee. One that I've loved to eat at here in town, David's Fine Foods, just recently closed down. I hated to see it go! And actually, the grill at David's was in the back, not out front like in my book. But hey, the patty melts here were just as good as in Bud's!

    Thanks for putting the radio link! It was fun, though a little nerve wracking in the beginning--I was os nervous. But Dottie, the woman who interviewed me, was great. She made it easy to talk. And yes, I love to talk about books and writing! LOL


  2. I guess you know I was SO nervous, no OS nervous. :)

    Spastic fingers this morning.


  3. Spastic fingers are a common result of being nervous :-)

  4. I was home and able to listen to the interview. It was a lot of fun! You sounded great!