Monday, February 4, 2008

A Good Sign

Yesterday was Missy's first book signing. Yeah Missy!!

It was held at her church. She sold a lot of books and I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I mean, isn't this what we are striving for? Writing all hours of the day/night for?

No---not for the actual "signing" part. In reality that's probably like being a check signer at my company. Af first it's like wow----they want and trust me to sign checks? But after a while it's more like---oh, those stacks of checks? You want me to sign them? All of them? (Sorry a little work frustration coming out there!) But no, I'm not talking about the actual "signing."

I'm talking about the achievement. The hold-in-your-hand fruition of years of hard work. Knowing part of your heart and all of your dreams are wrapped in the book. Knowing you are sharing your love for God with the world! And for Missy, this is just the beginning. She is a very talented author with more books to be published. But for now we'll enjoy this.

And I had to post this picture. I loved how Missy's dh's tie matched her shirt. They looked so great sitting there together.


  1. I really like the cover of your new book "Her Unlikely Family" It surely makes me want to read it. I read about you on Kit Wilkinson's blog.
    Good luck!
    Charlotte Lively

  2. That is a great pix, Lindi. Missy, did you tell him to be sure and coordinate with you?

    I'm glad it went well. We're so excited for you. Wish I could have been there.

    Thanks for stopping by Charlotte.

  3. Thank you, Charlotte! I'm so glad you stopped by. Kit has such a fun blog!

    It was so funny that my husband and I were color coordinated yesterday. He left before I even got up. So I had no idea what he had on! :)

    The book signing turned out great! Such support from my church and community. And also from my critique partners! :) One thing that was so fun was having so many people there who played a part in the book--cp's, ladies from my Bible study who have been praying for it for years.

    It was a great day.


  4. I'm so excited and proud of you, Missy!

  5. congrats on the booksigning. hey when are you coming to australia!