Thursday, February 28, 2008

I challenge you!

Okay, after reading about (and experiencing) all the busyness of our blog posters over the last few weeks, it got me thinking. Maybe a fun challenge would help motivate us for a day. So, I challenge you!

WRITERS: Make some time to write today. Take that time, even if it's short, and glue yourself into your chair. Don't let your internal editor slow your words or stop you. Turn off the mean little voice in your head that tells your your writing stinks. It doesn't matter what goes down. You're going for quantity today. You can always fix it later.

Then check in tonight and tell us how you did!

READERS: Make some time to read today! I give you permission. :) (I know how guilty it can make you feel to take that time for yourself!) So pick up a book you've been dying to read and jump right in. Then report back to us tonight to tell us what you're reading and how far you got.

I challenge you! Be sure to report back with how you did.



  1. Well, I had a pretty busy day and only got about 200 words written. But I'm not discouraged. It's better than nothing! :)And I did have time to brainstorm while traveling to an away tennis match for my son's middle school (and my daughter slept so I could think! LOL)

    How about you? Did you read or write?


  2. I had a busy day sort of. went out to lunch with some friends then had some shopping to do and got home around 5pm. then between food and a phone call,
    i did read about 15 pages of Cheryl Wyatt's new book. i will read more tomorrow now im ready to fall into bed.
    I need to finish this book by next week.

  3. Good for you, Jenny! It sounds like a great day! :)