Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I signed!

I signed a contract with my new agency, Hartline.

And now the real work begins.

I have several books in process and a really busy schedule.

The work?

So glad you asked...

Figuring out a new writing schedule, work schedule, family life, volunteer commitments, title obligations (joys) as Mrs. Missoula, classes, revamping our computers, and blogging. Then there's everything else...

I know, I know. All of us are busy.

I think it's just important sometimes to take a look at it all and see what changes need to be made so that we are living every day toward the goals and dreams of our hearts. They aren't there for nothing, you know. They were placed there on purpose by our loving God.

So. Yep. That means if we want to live our dreams, then we need to work toward them every day.

Not as easy as it sounds either!

I've been working toward getting out of our heating business in the daily grind. I had no idea the work it would take to move out of something while moving into another. Whew!

That would be why I blog in the middle of the night!

Are you really working toward your dreams? If so, how?

If you look at your day timer or calendar, will you see proof of that work or just a wish list?



  1. Congratulations! Hartline is a great agency. Welcome aboard!


    Congratulations, Angie!

  3. Congrats, Angie!! Keep up the great work. You'll accomplish a lot even if it's squeezed in between everything else you do.