Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little Details

Psst, this is the original Grant Creek School House in Montana. Now imagine some kid, any kid, probably this kid writing sentences on the board.

I'm moving forward. I took Margie Lawson's class last month on self-defeating behaviors. Dynamite! I've had to crawl through it slowly because I'm so busy.

Did you catch that? One of my self-defeating behaviors is over-scheduling myself.

So what's a girl to do?

First I wrote, "I may have trouble moving forward because I do too much." I wrote it 12 times.

Why write it so many times? Because there is something psychological that happens when you do that. I didn' t believe it. But Margie said to do it. Of course, I was too busy. So I finally began it today. That's right, began, 2 weeks after the class. I was interrupted so many times that I just now finished 12 times. I started at around 1p.m. As I write this post for Wednesday, it is now 9:30p.m. Can you imagine how long it would have taken me to write "I will not chew gum." on the school chalkboard 100 times? LOL. I can see me there a week later!

My mindset is already changing. As I wrote it over and over, I resolved to do something about my over-burdened schedule. Maybe it was in facing the dilemma or in simply acknowledging it that my thought process kicked in. But now I'm honestly thinking about down-sizing my schedule so I can achieve my dreams.

Start paying attention to all the little details of life. How do I really spend my time? What can I really delegate? Is there a reason I am doing this or that? Can it be done differently or not at all? What can I honestly eliminate?

What about you? Are you over-scheduled? What can you do to down-size? Maybe we just need to be better organized? But if we never think about what needs to change in our daily life, how can we ever reach for something beyond the daily? Do we want to live on auto-pilot or do we want that awesome feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day?

I love Vincent Van Gogh's quote, "Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together."

You know? That's all anything in our lives are...a series of small decisions. They can be good and propel us forward or not so good and cause us a lot of consequences.

So try this exercise: Write 15 times, "I may have trouble moving forward because ____________________." And see what happens for you.

Again, it's your choice. What will you do?

What's that, Margie? I know, I know, you said 15 times, not 12. I have to write it three more times...

I may have trouble moving forward because I do too much.
I may have trouble moving forward because I do too much.
I may have trouble moving forward because I do too much.

HEY! Write your own!

I may have trouble moving forward because I __________________.

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  1. Ang,
    I think I would be on the same page as you. I do too much---I recognized this a few weeks ago and decided my saying for 2008 would be "just say no."

    I'm scaling back on everything. I could write it to reinforce my decision.
    I may have trouble moving forward if I don't say no.
    I may have trouble.....

    Thanks for the insight.

  2. LOL, WOMEN WHO DO TOO MUCH. I think that is a book. It is actually. A very good one.

    I tend to sign up for groups that require me to check in and give an accounting of what I have done.
    I HATE THAT. I always fail to measure up. Yet I am compulsively drawn to them.

    Great post, Angie.

  3. Ok, how do women, or at least any woman that has a man or kids in their lives NOT do do much ?? Can't write any longer, gotta go, too much to do !!!!!!

  4. I may have trouble moving forward because-- I'm a perfectionist.

    If I can't do it perfectly, then I don't do it. Then I end up overwhelmed by all that I NEED to do! It's a vicious cycle.

    Hey, Tina! Thanks for stopping by. And Anonymous, too!

  5. I may have trouble moving forward because I lack a sense of direction.

    What do I do first? Dishes? vaccuum? Quality time with my daughter and husband?

    At work it's the same. I sit at my desk and there is so much coming in, sitting there waiting for me to look at and people to call. I need organization and a plan of action to Move forward successfully.

    Thanks for this inspiring post!

  6. I may have trouble moving forward because I don't sleep enough and I wear myself out "doing too much". God is constantly whispering to my spirit, "just rest" and I don't know how. I feel like my job is draining away the kind of life I want to live, because it's no longer what I want to do.

    Last year I cut back on a lot of things. I don't cook or clean any more. Hubby does that. I don't lead a Girl Scout troop, but I did replace it with a writing group. I've turned down blogs, and made critique partner changes to help with my schedule. I don't research genealogy. I don't do extra church activities. I've quit writing articles so I can spend that time writing novels. I read fewer books and try to be more selective in what I read. The next thing I want to do is quit work, but I'm not in that Season, so I'm waiting for God to make it happen while I hold on. It's a desire of my heart, and I keep that verse taped to my computer at work, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm 37:4) I've challenged myself to delight in God in spite of having to do what I no longer want to do. I try to get my eyes off the job and not get caught up in those cares, and put my eyes on Him. And chip away at a chapter each day.