Friday, February 15, 2008

Love is STILL in the Air!

It may be the day after Valentine's, but I think love is still in the air!

At my house, I gave my husband a new reel (which he went to the store, picked out and bought for himself) and he gave me a vacuum cleaner, which he gave me a week before Valentine's.

Now some of you are thinking: VACUUM CLEANER?!

You may be appalled at the thought of receiving a vacuum cleaner for Valentine's Day, but I'm a practical girl.

Besides, the vacuum cleaner I'd been using for the past several years had obtained a nick in its power cord and it was starting to give me little shocks when I'd use it. I look at my husband's gift as him paying attention to our family needs (because he uses the vacuum cleaner too!) and wanting to prolong my life. (I just can't imagine dying by electrocution a fun way to pass out of this world.)

We've been married 10 years. Sometimes at the end of the day, we're just too tired to care. We're in our early thirties but most of the times feel much older than that. We've been through a lot and seen a lot, but had so much fun through the years. My husband isn't big on holidays, so I don't put much stock in them either. My guy is the kind who fakes an illness to get me to come home from work on the premise that I need to rush him to the doctor, when really, the plan was simply to get me home, to open the refrigerator so I'd see the jewelry box from my favorite jeweler poised cleverly between the carrots and the soft drinks.

Want to know what was in the box? A diamond wedding band - one much bigger than what I'd described to him during casual conversation.

Over the years, my hubby has surprised me with a dozen red roses, delivered to work. He's done that a couple of times. This year, I wasn't at work, so that didn't happen - but that's okay! Yesterday he came in from the grocery store with a box of Whitman's chocolates and a big pretty balloon for our daughter.

Chocolates! As you can tell, he really knows how to reach the tender depths of my heart.

I guess what I'm trying to say is whether your husband is Mr. Romantic, or Mr. I-Don't-Know-The-Definition-of-Romantic, if you have a good relationship the rest of the days of the year, concentrate on the other 364 days of the year. Chances are what you'll remember in years to come will be the days that didn't fall on a holiday; it'll be on a random day in between.

And if you're someone still searching for Mr. Right, I pray the Lord already has someone in mind for you and that you'll be amazed when that special man is revealed to you. In God's time, everything is better!


  1. This is the sweetest post!! It earned a HEARTY a-men from me!!!


  2. Awww, thanks so much. I just smiled when I read your response!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Christy, you are so funny!! I've been sitting her cracking up.

    My first thought when you mentioned the little shocks from your vaccuum was that it would add a "spark" to your romance! LOL! But alas, now you have a nice new one. :)

    Very sweet post. It sounds like he's a great guy.

    I did receive the chocolate I had discovered in the mail. Godiva truffles. Yum! And I got him chocolate as well--dark chocolate, his fav.


  4. I'm also very practical and thought the vacuum was the perfect gift! Why? Because it makes your everyday life better. Who needs shocks unless they're from his touch? I love hydrangea's. So guess what I got? Yep, in the perfect purple-blue hue too! He studied my favorite flower. He studies what pleases me and makes me happy. He reminds me to keep him first by keeping me first in his actions. I think that's what makes him special!