Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Since we're talking about dreams...

It's common knowledge that Stephen King uses his dreams (or nightmares) to write his novels. But have you ever thought of using your dreams to solve problems.

Our subconscious files things for us and works through our daily experiences. This is how we manage stress, joy, and decipher things in our brain.

So what if you talked to yourself positively about a problem or situation? (Not all situations are problems, really.)

Try this a few times. Why a few times? Because it takes practice. You'll be surprised at how creative you become.

At night before you fall asleep, think out your issue. Think about it in detail. If you can do it, even write out what you have previously thought. Now as you are falling asleep, keep thinking about it in a positive way. Ask yourself to be creative. Tell yourself to dream of a solution or different angles.

A great question is, "What if..?" What if I could afford to go to Thailand? How would that work for me? How could I earn extra money? How could I be more frugal? What if I..? You get the picture.

Now, give it a try with anything from your job to your writing to your family issues.

First thing in the morning (or if you wake up with a light bulb above your head) write down the crazy ideas you get from your dreams.

Later, look back at those ideas and sift them for inklings of great possibilities. Share them with a friend you trust. Then sit back and enjoy the new brainstorming that comes from it.

I think you'll be very surprised at the creative solutions to your problems, new plot twists to your book, or even great plans for a wedding that come from it.

Most important: Allow yourself to wander in curiosity. Too many of us live inside the box of other people's expectations. Play with your own thoughts a little. Be open to some of those wild ideas. You may not use the first thing that pops into your head, but you might have an awesome path to one that will work through a door you never noticed before.

Happy dreaming,

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  1. Great idea, Angie!

    I've gone to sleep praying for a new book idea. Then before I was in a deep sleep, I woke up with a book idea. I lay there in bed thinking about it for about an hour, then had to get up and type so I wouldn't forget it.

    It was so cool! I really feel God gave me that story idea.


  2. I think I have enough dreams for all the faith girls. Angie's been encouraging me to use my crazy dreams for plot ideas. As soon as I can slow down I just might. I keep a dream log of significant dreams. I have dreams written down that date back to 2002 when I started logging them. I know there's a couple of book series in there somewhere.