Monday, February 11, 2008

Speaking of Love......

As Missy posted yesterday, she and I attended a workshop on Saturday taught by Bob Mayer. It was an all day event and very informative. He kept everything interesting and moving quickly. That man can cover a lot of material, make it understandable, interesting, and motivating.

That's what good speakers do. Get you motivated.

We have a speaker coming to our local WORD chapter in April who is extremely motivating. Her name is Anna Destefano. She has published several books for Super Romance and is an incredible speaker. She is doing a three hour workshop for us and we are excited.


There are several reasons, but one of the main ones would be her drive, energy and love for writing. She loves what she does and it shows when she conducts workshops. She is a gifted speaker---therefore everyone benefits.

I'm glad that people like Bob and Anna recognize their gift and share it with others. One of our own F.A.I.T.H. girls is competing for Mrs. America this summer. She's out speaking and talking to different groups. She has that gift also.

Do you know what special gift God has given you? Are you using it to share His love for us with others that may not know such perfect love exists?

Valentines Day is this week. Love is indeed in the air. Let us share the love God has given us and let us not forget that God's love is for all.


  1. Well, I'm hoping I have a gift of speaking! I'll be speaking to a local group this Thursday night. :)


  2. Of course you do. You're radio interview sounded great. So natural.

  3. Yes, girls, Im a speaker too, my mouth gets me in more trouble than anyone else I know, and most times, people wish I would shut up !!!! Go Missy, teach me well !!! And lets all get up early and shovel too, calling for a foot or more here my noon !!!! I wish you all God Speed.......

    Cousin Wendy

  4. I know I have talents and I think one of them must be reading. I really enjoy reading. Yesterday I read Missie's book, Her Unlikely Family. It was great Missie! What a beautiful story. Keep up the writing so I can read more of your books. And you too, Lindi.

    Blessings to you all.
    Lindi's Mom

  5. Lindi, you are an inspiration! I think one of your many talents is as an encourager. You are much loved.
    PS Missy, I know you will do a great job as a speaker!

  6. Wendy, I hope the snow wasn't too bad! Of course, my kids would be jealous. they would love to have just a bit or real snow.

    And for Lindi's mom-- thank you! You just made my day!! :) Also, you're right. Lindi needs to stick with the writing. I know we'll see her books in print someday!

    Angie, you're right on the mark. Lindi is definitely a great encourager, just as you are.