Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Check-in

I think this is only my second time to post a Sunday check-in. I usually try to stay off the Internet on Sunday for a day off. :)

I've had a really busy week with my blog tour, but I got several hours in on Friday. Lindi and I went to the hotel early for a Saturday workshop. And actually, Lindi had a family event to go to Friday evening, so I worked like a maniac at the hotel all by myself until she arrived. Even ordered room service for dinner!

I got 20 pages written, and I like the direction they were going. Also, the workshop was excellent. Bob Mayer, who's written The Novel Writer's Toolkit: A Guide to Writing Novels and Getting Published, gave a great presentation. I learned a lot.

So what did you do this past week? Writers, what did you achieve? Readers, what did you read or do?



  1. I didn't get any writing done, but the workshop was great.

    I hope to have a better week this week.

  2. The workshop was great. Bob's book was the first writing book I purchased several years ago. I felt fortunate to be in on the workshop. I learned a lot and some issues were simply reiterated. After 33 books, he still talks about how hard the business is.

    I didn't write anything. I'm commenting from Birmingham AL - here on business. Hope to get some writing done while I'm here. Right now, I finished wading through about 200 emails.

    Hopefully my writing will return.

    Sorry I missed posting on Friday. It's been crazy all week.

  3. That's right! I forgot to mention Christy was there as well! I barely saw her, though. We were all so wrapped up in taking notes like crazy. :)

    Hope the trip goes well, Christy.