Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Contest!!

I'm sorry I'm late posting. If you came by earlier, then came back again later, thank you!

I'm holding a contest in honor of the day of love! The winning entry will be selected by my husband (all entries will be anonymous). The other FAITH girls are allowed to enter for fun but won't be eligible for the prize. Here are the rules:

Tell us your idea of the most romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day-- your dream date (G-rated version only!). As I said, I'll be handing them to my husband to judge, so be sure to think like a man (Again, G-rated! LOL) I'll instruct him to judge based on how romantic and how creative the date is.

I'll have him judge late tonight, so be sure to enter before 10 pm Eastern time. I'll announce the winner tonight or tomorrow morning.

What? Is that someone asking what the prize will be?? :) I'll send the winner a copy of my February release, Her Unlikely Family, as well as chocolate! If the winner already has my book, and would like a substitute prize, I'll send flavored coffee instead.

Good luck! I look forward to the entries. Be sure there's a way to contact you if you win, or make sure to check back later to find out if you're the winner (and I'll leave my contact info).

Have fun.


  1. Hey, there Missy.

    Dream date for Valentines?

    Well, my husband is cooking supper tonight. He asked what I wanted and I told him to make this dish, Chicken breaded with taco seasoning mix and browned.
    with picante sauce and orange marmalande
    Over rice.

    It's so good.

    And flowers.

    One small problem.

    The 'Let me make dinner' sweetness is really code for 'No, I'm not taking you out.'

    And the flowers are, the very small local grocery store lady PHONES HIM EVERY YEAR and says, "I've got your flowers, do you want to pick them up or have Mary do it."

    Yes, we have been married a long time and I know what's going on in his head.

    Still, nice.

  2. LOL!! I love that the flower lady calls him!! He's got it good. He'll never forget. My husband may really like that idea-- a no-fault V-day! :)



  3. Ok, here we go,,,,,,,,,,,,its all about when we frist met, we would walk through the mall, and kiss on wasnt about him, nor about was about US! We decided at that point it was all about us, we would make our familes happy, they both loved each of us. But still, when you arent a teen ??? How do you desribe true love, it happens, trust me. To this day, we walk the mall, hold hands, and kiss for no reason. I love the old ladies that look at us and smile. I think we must have something, something that God gave us perhaps.........regardless, its the meaning of TRUE LOVE. And really, if I dont win your contest, Its all good, everyone needs to know about TRUE love.........

  4. Ahhh, today is our 39th anniversary.
    We met in the USAF,Jim proposed Dec. 16th, got to the office the following Monday and had orders to Viet Nam. Well, we married just before he left because it was payday! Feb. 14,1969.

    Our date would be: A nice dinner out and a proposal all over again. I would say yes to his romantic advances and we would come home to toast our upcoming renewal vows. I would also drive him to the restaurant and help him with his oxygen and broken leg! Jim is the most romantic man I have ever met and this year he gave me a beautiful bling,bling bracelet with crossed c's, as a reminder of my first novel Inca, about a horse. The c's look like crossed horseshoes. The other thing that I love so much about him is that he joins me for prayer every morning and we become prayer warriors for everyone that asks for help and he helps me pray for a publisher for my novels.

    The reality:I would marry him all over again. Tonight, we will prepare our dinner together, it is snowing and cold outside. I couldn't ask for a dreamier date.

    Happy Valentines Day to all! :)
    Jim and Paulette Harris

  5. Hey! I don't know what I did wrong, but here is my email

    That chocolate sound awfully good for desert for our dream anniversary dinner. We plan to read your book together in front of the fireplace.
    Just in case your sweetheart likes our notes. :)

  6. I love these stories! Keep them coming. My evening (after we get home from an event where I'm speaking) will be to read these sweet stories together.


  7. ok this will be my idea as im a single never married aussie girl desparate to win this book!

    You know I do like flowers but i think i would be just as happy for a romantic date at the cricket. I love cricket and to spend a special day there with someone i love and appreciates the sport and then maybe a nice steak after the game. (have a craving for steak lately) would be wonderful.
    Ok this is also my dream birthday wish too which i did do 3 years ago. Of course Feb is summer in australia.

  8. Well, since my husband is the least romantic person there is any thing simple would be great. My Roger is sweet though. My dream date would be my husband fixing his specialty, "urky lurky" with a nice dessert of cheesecake. Actually, come to think of it, he has been known to surprise me and pick up my favorite chocolate, when I didn't think he even knew what my favorite chocolate was (Reese's peanut butter cups or turtles). Then I would like to sit in front of the TV just the two of us and (you won't believe this, but) play RockBand together. It really is fun. We both enjoy it so that makes it special to me because we are doing it together. Then to cap it off we would relax lying in bed watching a good movie together while eating the popcorn that he popped on the stove (he doesn't do microwave or air popped, he's very particular about that). Anyway, that's my special evening with my special man.

  9. Dream Date for Valentine's Day? Awaken to my spouse bringing me breakfast in bed with a small bud vase and one simple flower. While I'm eating breakfast he draws a bath for me. We go to work and when we return home it's my turn to show him how special he is. While he props his feet up I give him a foot massage. As he drinks his favorite beverage I prepare his favorite recipes for dinner. As we eat, a blackberry cobbler bakes in the oven and fresh ground coffee brews. The dessert is served warm with homemade vanilla flavored ice cream. The best gift is giving each other our undivided attention and making sure it's a NO COMPLAINT ZONE all day. We remind each other of the things we fell in love with, oh those many years ago, and the things we find attractive TODAY. We end the night with a do not disturb sign.

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Kathy, WillisWay at aol dot com

  10. These are great! It's going to be tough for hubby to choose!

    Patty, I LOVE Rock Band!! I play that and Guitar Hero with my kids a lot. I have my own career. :) It's something I like to do to relax. But if I play too long, my hand starts cramping! LOL

    I'll check in later to see if we have any more.


  11. When I tried to get up this morning,my hubby said "Go back to bed dear.Sleep in for a change." I knew something was up, so as soon as he left for work I went downstairs. Well, I couldn't stop laughing. He had scattered cupid confetti everywhere and signed a box of forty
    Valentines and put them in the fridge, in the microwave and every surface in the house!So to surprise him I taped 5 hrs of NASCAR racing and our dream date was Daytona!(By candlelight!) Love & prayers Melody

  12. I cannot believe you didn't tell us about this YESTERDAY. I am barely getting in under the wire here, it is almost ten where you are. I just started reading posts.


    That would start with exchanging gift cards for each other from Barnes and Noble.

    We'd start the day sipping soy chai latte's in the cafe, and then browse the books together all day long, collecting our favorites along the way. We'd have to stop for lunch in the cafe, and have a salad and with a nice green tea and a biscotti. After lunch we haul our books to the cashier and take them home to read in bed. MUUUUCH later, we'll order Chinese--to be delivered. Sesame chicken and two egg rolls.

    My fortune cookie reads, " You one lucky lady!"


  13. looks like i need to dream more!
    is that why im a 40+ single whos never been on a valentines day date or for that matter many at all!
    but theres always hope right?

  14. We have a winner....

    Drum roll.......

    I read the entries anonymously to my husband, and for the most romantic, most creative date, he's selected.....

    Kathy Carlton Willis' dream date!!

    Congrats, Kathy. And thanks to all who entered. It was a tough decision for him.

    Kathy, I'll email you to get your address.

    I hope everyone had a special day with their loved ones!!


  15. Geez, and I thought WE were romantic !!!! Im sending hi all of your lessons !!!