Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Are. . .

This past weekend was one of those rare times when I was alone. Hubby took the boys to the farm for the weekend while I stayed home to get a handle on several things I'd procrastinated against and were now hanging over my head. As I lay down to sleep Saturday night, I praised God for all the things He'd allowed me to accomplish and for the opportunity to catch my breath, so to speak. It began something like, "Lord, you are awesome. You are all powerful and You are in control."

The words "You are" hit me like a two by four between the eyes. In the Bible, God tells Moses He is "I AM." But thinking about it terms of "You are" made it seem so much more personal. Made me believe that He really is all I need. It became almost a game--God, I'm afraid. YOU ARE my protector, my refuge. God, I am a sinner. YOU ARE my savior. God, I am tired. YOU ARE my rest. It went on and on.

Did you know that "we are" nothing that God is not able to cover? That He is not sufficient for?

So today, I'd like us to continue my little "game." What is God to you? Are you frustrated, lonely, angry? I challenge you to discover God's comeback to whatever it may be.


  1. Mindy,

    I love your post. God is all things.
    I am unworthy--You are worthy.
    I am weak--you are strong.
    I am incapable of perfect love--you are perfect love.

    The list could go on and on. Thanks for making me think.

  2. I'm a day late. Great post, Mindy.

    I am overwhelmed. You are all I need. You are my portion.

    I am tired. You are my strength.


  3. Great post Mindy.

    I like what Missy said, so I'll ditto that...

    I am tired. You are my strength.

    I am angry. You are my peace.
    I am confused. You are my direction.

    Thank You Lord for being all of these things and more!