Friday, March 28, 2008

Giving up...

See this picture?

It's of a dock on Lake Lanier, Georgia. The water is down due to the drought, however the lake is filling up. Slowly but surely.

We've been praying for rain for months. All over the state and probably further than I'm aware. God has answered our prayers for rain, and even sent some tornadoes our way, as of a couple of weekends a go.

That's the thing about praying. You may get more than you asked for.

The other morning I was looking through my notebooks, small ones I carry to church and jot notes down on during the sermons. You know, I don't have a reason as to why I write down points of the sermon. I just believe that I'll need these bits of information, or inspiration, in the future. It's not as if I'm so dedicated that I'll return to the notes after church. I probably should, but I'm always preoccupied with other things.

Back to the other morning... I was looking through my notebooks, but didn't have a purpose in mind. Well, I ran across a Charles Stanley sermon from October 26, 2007. This is when his sermon aired. He could've preached on this topic at another date. Reading the following words was an inspiration for my day and I hope it will be an inspiration for you too.

"God is a trustworthy guide,"

-He will never tell you to give up.

What if that dock sitting on dry land had a mind of its own? I'm sure it would rather be floating in the water than sitting up on the itchy, probably pebbled rock-filled shore. The water line doesn't appear too far away from the foot of the dock. Do you suppose the dock could be reaching for its goal, only to be disappointed time and again when it's not reached?

I think writers can relate to this picture and my silly comparison. The goal of publication may be so close for some,but never quite achieved. Perhaps you've entered a contest and won 2nd place. But 2nd isn't 1st even though we try to tell ourselves we're satisfied. Perhaps you've signed with agents and been disappointed time again. Maybe you're actively submitting and you've received rejection 100!

"God is a trustworthy guide."

The Lord says, "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. " Psalm 33:8

There are so many scriptures that support the phrase "God is a trustworthy guide." All we need to do is pray for God's will, pray that it matches what we want. Pray that we can see the "best pathway" for our lives. Trust that the truest desires of our heart will someday be fulfilled.

Because God will never tell you to give up. Not if it's His will.


  1. Bravo, Christy. And exactly what I needed to hear. God and I were just discussing the same thing this morning.
    As for sermon notes, I do the same thing. Occasionally I go back to them, but not on a regular basis. The main reason I take notes though, is because I've heard it said that if you hear something and then it travels down your arm and you write it down, you retain more of what was said. And I definitely need to retain it :-)

  2. Yes, He is our Trustworthy Guide!

    Thanks, Christy.


  3. Loved this post. Thanks for reminding us that God is our great trustworthy guide.