Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Between work - housecleaning - shopping Saturday with Mom - birthday party prep - birthday party pre- and post-cleanup - Granny in the hospital - Church on Wednesday night - Church on Sunday morn - Church on Sunday night - Work - Tornadoes and Hail across the state - More Work! - Family ... This month has been one continuous race.

So you must understand I was shocked to wake up at three this morning, wide awake. Yet I knew it had to do with today's post.

It's Good Friday. It's all about the Cross.

A sinless man. Deity. Who was nailed to a cross reserved for criminals.

There is NO Greater Love than His.

Today, as each of us go about our business, our chaotic lives. As we put together Easter baskets for our kids and plan Easter egg hunts and family gatherings, let's remember what today is. Remember Easter has nothing to do with cute little plush chickens and bunnies. There was no sugary candy and no Cadbury Creme filled eggs on this Friday some 2000 years ago. There was none of that.

There was only one Man. Deity. Nailed to a cross.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for this day. Thank you for sending your Son who offers the Way to You for us all. Forgive us for our sins. Forgive us for not praising your name every second of each blessed day. Help us on this day to realize Your sacrifice, an example of Your love for us.
In Jesus name,


  1. Christy,

    Great post, and glad to hear that you were awake enough to join us ! Ive been cutting you some slack with all you have had going on, but I do need to know, have you found time for writing at all ?? Trust me, I understand the chaos....but take time for you too !! Happy Easter to you ansd yours.........

    Cuz Wendy

  2. Christy, thanks so much for that word today. We've had Holy week services all week, but I wasn't able to go today, so I let the day slip by without thinking much about it.

    I appreciate your words.


  3. Wendy,
    Seeing your comment made me smile. Thanks for going light on me, but I may need that extra kick to get me back in the writing groove. No actual writing is getting done right now, but I've got a lot going on in my mind about characters and situations that needs to get out on paper! So I guess I'm not a hopless cause!

  4. Missy,

    I missed our services last night. I wanted to go but we had too much going on trying to prepare for family get togethers this weekend. It seems like a small excuse and I'm sorry I missed it too. Thanks for your note!

  5. Hi all,
    Better late than never to chime in, huh?
    Thanks for the post, Christy. I know life is crazy right now, but you're remembering the important stuff.
    Hi Cuz!!! Miss you much!!!

  6. Christy............I am presently polishing my boot............getting ready.......