Monday, March 17, 2008

His Perfect Love

This coming Sunday is Easter. A day of celebration. A day of joy.
This is a tough week---we know some of what Jesus went through, but I don't think we can comprehend fully all our Saviour ednured the last week of his earthly life.
We just have to remember that He did it for us, because He loved us. For me, there is no greater truth---no greater love--no greater sacrifice. And He did it for all.
Nobody left behind.
Nobody too poor.
Nobody too rich.
Nobody too weak.
Nobody too strong.
Nobody too dirty.
Nobody too clean.

He died for you
He died for me
He died so all of us could see
The love He has
For you, for me.
The love we share so all can see
His perfect love.

Peace to you this week. May we reflect, pray, give thanks and rejoice.
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is risen!!!


  1. Amen to that!

    I was so moved at church yesterday. We always have the kids come in waving palm branches. And our older kids who are going through confirmation do the Palm Sunday service, so we hear testimonies from these young teenagers.

    It never fails, I cry every year!


  2. Thanks ladies---this is a rejoicing time.

  3. Wonderful Post, Lindi!

    And Missy brought up Palm Sunday traditions... this on Palm Sunday, I led our children up and down the aisle after children's church waving palm branches. and then we headed to the nursery. I think the congregation enjoyed it and so did I.