Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reviewing Life

We're in the process of packing to move. My daughter has discovered our old high school and college annuals. She has been laughing at the poofy hair styles in the 80's, the way we dressed, and the things that our friends wrote to us in our annuals. I remember doing the same thing to my parents.

All my extra photos and many of the comments were about my running in track and cross-country. That's what everyone knew me for. I remember trying to get on the yearbook and newsletter staff and was rejected from both because it was full--or something like that. But I wondered if they didn't think my writing was good enough. What if I had let that stop me?

In college, everything changed. I wrote for the college newspaper and later became the Entertainment Editor. I went with the college newspaper staff to my first writing conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Then I interned at U.S.Air Magazine, another local magazine, and the local newspaper. All those people who knew me and signed my yearbooks probably had no idea of my desire to write novels--probably not even my closest friends.

What does everyone know or not know about your character that is important to them? This is a trait that can be brought out during the development of your character, especially toward the end. What have they struggled to accomplish, but it remains just out of reach no matter how long or hard they've worked for it? These desires put our characters on a journey that will make our readers cheer for them and keep them reading.


  1. They know my hero is kind of geeky from the beginning. But they realize as the story goes that he craves having family.

    They know the heroine takes care of everyone around her. But they learn she had been dumped at the alter after high school.

    Good luck on the packing! I bet Celina did love that big 80's hair! LOL


  2. Jenn,
    Interesting topic. I didn't know you ran track. That was something I never did well.

    My kids love to look at our yearbooks....and laugh!!

  3. Interesting topic. I doubt they know I worked in the Library as an Assistant for 4 years, was on the yearbook staff 2 years, and the school newspaper in Jr. High School. Also I was an Office Helper.
    My daughters have made fun of my yearbooks too and my school pictures.
    God Bless.

  4. squiresj, it's fun to look at old photos with the kids. My daughter likes to figure out how much we look alike. Until she sees a hideous hairstyle or outfit! LOL