Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Unfamiliar Territory

Monte, the Griz mascot for the U of M, and Angie at a personal appearance for the Jaydn Fred Foundation. He's wearing my tiara :-D

This week we're heading to Denver. I have appointments with 6 pageant experts. They are going to teach me all sorts of things from make up to modeling and interview techniques for the Mrs. Montana America pageant this July.

In the meantime I'm writing speeches for the upcoming Toastmaster Area competition, learning and performing public appearances, and ad-libbing on a weekly radio show on 104.5 Fm. I so did not see this all coming when I think back a year ago.

And, I'm training a new employee.

And we will be taking our Japanese exchange student with us to Denver so he can see more of the country than our small corner of the world. (Of course, there's nothing small about Montana!)

I thought it was ironic that in so many ways everyone is stepping into unfamiliar territory. Doing, seeing, and experiencing things we've never done or imagined.

I think this must be an awesome tool for stretching us all out of our comfort zones. Some things will be exciting, some boring (like the really l-o-o-n-g drive to Denver) and some fascinating.

But all is somehow unfamiliar.

That's a great way of thinking about learning something new. It's just a step forward for a new view on the world.

For instance, I already know how to model. But I didn't know there were specific pageant modeling techniques. So all the things I've been doing in the past won't work. Wow! I am stepping literally into an unfamiliar area.

So this week as I'm learning new steps, finding out about stage make up (on a gal who doesn't wear much) and interview practice, I'm going to look at it as a similar adventure to my exchange son seeing a new part of the country. I'm going to view it all as if I've never seen or experienced modeling and make up before. I'm going to listen to the experts and learn what I don't know. Yes, I've seen Denver and worn make up. Yes, I've walked catwalks and posed for photos. But I know I have more to learn. I need to clear away the old way of thinking and embrace a new opportunity.

Is there something you've always wanted to do, but didn't know how? Is it time to consider a plan to achieve it? Is there a valid reason you've put it off? Do you need to revise your step into the unknown-even if you might have done it a different way all your life?

Just one new perspective today:-)
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  1. Ang,

    Wow! You are truly the busiest person I know! But it all sounds good and fun. I know it's hard work, too, but I think it's all worth it.

    One of the things I always wanted to do was write a one thing down. I never had the desire to speak publicly before, but now I do...I have started working on that goal slowly. I think I need to build up to it.

    Thanks for the post....

  2. I loved the photo, Angie! You look great!

    I was going to say what Lindi said--to write a book! :) Yay, us! We've done something we always wanted to do. :)

    Another thing I've wanted to do is lead a retreat for teenaged girls. I'd love to speak to them about being confident and following God's plan. About loving themselves the way God made them.

    I would also love to do a women's retreat sometime. I've been asked to do that before but I couldn't do it the weekend they needed me.

    Those are things that would be new and exciting.