Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Working Out for Creativity

Many of you probably already know that I'm Mrs. Missoula and competing for Mrs. Montana. Some of the blessings in disguise have really surprised me.

First, it's a lot of work! And 99.9% is fun :-) I get to be a spokes person for the Jadyn Fred Foundation and help raise funds for children with cancer. I also am now a spokes person for the Little White School House project. (Refurbishing a 1800's school house.)

The hard part is finding sponsors. Not because it's difficult, but because time is a hard entity to find on top of running a business, writing, running a household, and commitments. Since I already do volunteer work, I've added more by being Mrs. Missoula.

But the sponsors that have already committed are the coolest! Why? Because they believe in me and my abilities. I hadn't thought of that until I kept hearing they believe in me! In this day and age, people don't hear that very often.

Weight Watchers
Casey Gooley at Western States Insurance
John at Mutual Materials
Michael at Strength Advantage (he's my fitness trainer and man, he has a great program!)
Design Air
Mighty Ducts

All of these businesses and people are supporting me toward my goals. I'm giving back to all my sponsors by helping them with marketing. I go on the radio every Thursday. Different weeks I get to talk about different businesses and why I believe in them. I love the sense of our symbiotic relationship. I feel accountable to provide the best I can for these people.

The sore muscles after a workout are tough, but they also let me know that I'm heading in the right direction. I think that's how life is sometimes. We get sore when we challenge ourselves. But after a few weeks, my muscles will be more attuned to the new exercises. (Okay, Michael says so and I choose to have hope and believe in him :-) )

What surprised me after the last workout was that I honestly felt like I was flying on cloud 9. I became more productive and creative that day. It was a noticeable difference! Now I have a new expectation. I expect to feel excited and creative after today's workout. That is a blessing in disguise. I'm not dreading the workout because I felt such a pleasant result the last time. I found out lifting weights works out my creative muscle too!

So here's the question:

What will you do today that might result in a surprise ending? Workout? Go for a walk? Laugh good, long and hard?

Ready. Set. GO!

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  1. Ang,

    Congrats on the sponsors. That's great news.
    I told myself I'd be working out starting this year.
    I haven't yet. Maybe I shoul start. If I do I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, I hope you keep flying high when you work out.