Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kick Boxing

What are you doing to exercise? does it spark your creativity?

LOL, I just tried my first class of Kick Boxing. Holy Cow it kicked my butt! Literally, holy, because the class is held at S.H.E.C. (South Hills Evangelical Church.) The teacher only takes donations and gives them all to the youth ministry of the church. Talk about dedicated! I am really inspired by her devotion. Have you ever thought of giving a class and donating the funds? Maybe. but to do it once or twice a week in such a physical way-wow!

I loved the class, but I really had to fight to keep up since I'd never done anything like that before. I felt really comfortable because it wasn't like dancing and feeling way out of step (like aerobics) from the rest of the class. There were ladies of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. We all still took the whole class together. They'd all been in it a while. Several times, other ladies continued to encourage me. I loved the team attitude.

The class lasted 75 minutes. I had to stop and slow down a few times, in between watching how to do the combination kicks and jabs. Even so, I felt fabulous. I felt successful. I felt elated :-) Then I totally entertained my son with the moves I learned. He's so much bigger than me that he just laughed and laughed. Especially when I couldn't remember the simple names of the jabs I showed him.

You know, I think the class was great, but I think the example of an "old" mom trying new things is important. It shows our kids that we are continually learning and exploring all our lives. No rocking chair on the porch for this grandma. I hope this sets a generational pattern.

Today, I'm a little sore and accomplished!

Here's the kicker [snickering at my pun.] My stress was left at the church gym! I started playing with ideas and had one of the best light bulb moments for one of my stories! Today, I'm still bubbling over with ideas and productivity.

I'd heard exercise lowered stress and boosted creativity, now I believe it!

What new thing can you try that takes all your concentration, energy, and focus?

Wouldn't it be great if for the next 2 days, you reaped the benefits?

Come on...share your adventures.

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  1. Congrats on trying somethihng new. I've never done kick boxing because I think the name would be kick-Lindiing.....

  2. Hi Angie,

    I love to run. In fact when, like you, some of best my light bulb moments have been while I've been running.

    I remember one particular instance where I was getting myself all tied up in knots about a particular scene in my WIP and how it fit into the rest of the story and as I was running two of my characters literally started talking to each other in my head. By the time I had gotten home 40 minutes later I knew exactly what I needed to do to fix the scene!

    Some of my best scenes, pieces of dialogue and sub-plots have all come that way.



  3. Angie,
    I bought an Urban Rebounding set. Have you heard of that? I hadn't either until I saw it on an infomercial and experienced one of those had to have moments. Apparently you can do all sorts of exercises on it from Yoga to Aerobics. It's a little trampoline and it's supposed to make exercise easier on your joints. We just set it up last night. My daughter really loves it. AS I'm typing, I'm thinking I really should be using this quiet time in the morning to get my rear in gear and get to jumping/exercising/whatever!

    But you're right, exercising clears my mind and helps me be creative. I just don't do enough of it.

    Keep it up, girl!