Monday, April 21, 2008

Mixing It Up-Or Not

We had a discussion last week at church. We were talking about our particular church. The man who was leading the class asked who thought our church was an evangelical church. Then he asked who thought our church was an out-reach church. Then he asked who thought our church was a mission church.
He talked about how it is hard for one church to do all these things well. Normally, he was saying, a church can be recognized as a certain type of church. ( I know this is just a matter of opinion.)
But it got me thinking about writing. I think it would be very hard to be all things in one book.
Sure, certain genres can overlap. But generally a book fits into one type of category of genre first and foremost. I mean could you imagine reading a women's fiction-suspense-paranormal-vampire-lit-time travel romance novel with a little bit of gothic young adult thrown in?
Don't think it's going to happen.
I recently entered my contemporary romance manuscript in a contest and one of my judges thought it was a woman's fiction novel. She stated her reasons and they were very good and it made me take a really good look at my manuscript and make some decisions.
What about you?
What are you writing and what do you like to throw in the mix? And if you're a reader, what type of stories do you like to read.

PS: It's my anniversary! Eight years with the most wonderful man. My very own hero!


  1. Happy Anniversary Lindi!

    It's my husband's 32nd birthday today, too.

    Speaking of writing, I have an old manuscript that's romance, with suspense in it. I wanted to try and bring those characters into a current WIP, and make it a series, but the other stories have NO suspense in them. And I have NO desire to write suspense at this time.

    However, looking back at some things I've written, I would say I'm historical, women's fiction, suspense and contemporary romance all rolled into one. Sheesh.

  2. Happy anniversary, Belinda, and best wishes for many more happy years together!

    I read different types of Christian fiction, but my favorite is contemporary fiction - with drama about relationships.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Lindi! I hope you do something nice for your man.

  4. Happy anniversary!!!

    I write romance always. But I've written a women's fiction that has a romantic ending. I called it romantic women's fiction. Of course, that one hasn't sold yet! So maybe that's telling me someting. :)

    Thanks for a great post, Lindi.


  5. I read and write historical and contemporary Christian fiction. I like all my books to contain elements of: faith, romance, and suspense. The books I write are usually tied to the Carolinas either in setting or characters.

  6. Christy,
    Thanks for the anniv wishes and a big happy birthday to your hubby!!
    You have a great writing style, so whatever you write will be great. And yeah---mix those genres up!!

  7. Carole, thanks for the anniv wishes. And like you I love contemporary ficiton---especially romance. Strange though I started out reading only historical romance....Rosemary Rogers, Kathleen Woodawiss ( I know that last name is spelled wrong) Johanna Lindsday and Bertrice Small..I didn't know other books existed. But now I read all types.

  8. Mindy---thanks to you also for the anniv wishes. We spent the evening at the bowling alley....yes, MOnday is my league night. And actually it was fitting because we met at the bowling alley. I was his waitress....but that's a whole 'nother post girl!!

  9. Missy,
    Thanks to you for the wishes!! We need to send some get well ones your way for your foot.

    And you'll sell that women's fiction one day. It's a great story.

  10. Jenn,

    You've done a great job defining what you write. I'm so impressed with your website and your geneology background. You've jumped right in and found where you are comfortable. That's awesome.