Saturday, April 5, 2008

A New Writing Space

Last Saturday we moved from Charlotte to Kannapolis, North Carolina. I'm very excited about this move as the new house is larger and now my husband and I have separate offices. I have my very own writing space!

The other F.A.I.T.H. ladies shared photos of their writing space in the fall and a few weeks ago many authors were talking about their writing space on the ACFW email loop. Today is my turn and I've decided to share photos as well. Our Carolina Christian Writers group met in my office for the first time today. It worked out just fine. It seems like this will work until we outgrow it.

I write in the corner on my new desk by the window. I have my filing cabinet full of goodies on the right side. On my left is a small bookcase full of writing references on the bottom. I have another floor to ceiling bookcase in the living room. It wouldn't fit in here so that's where I keep my novels.

Can you tell what I like to collect?

The other half of my collection is now in my daughter's bedroom. She has decided that she doesn't want baby stuff in her room anymore. I think she was referring to her Precious Moments collectibles. I talked her into keeping them a little longer. But now she thinks she can only have beach related stuff in her room. I guess if I woke up every morning to the bright sunlight and the rolling waves, I might feel the same way. She has always collected seashells. Glad to know we know have a place and purpose for them. Some of them are on the white shelves in the corner.

There's nothing like a great environment to stir the writing imagination. It really does make a difference.


  1. What a beautiful home, Jenn. And what a HUGE office. Great color, too. No wonder you love it so much.

  2. Jenn,
    Great office space. I know you are loving it!
    Great room for the little girl, too.
    I'm glad you are enjoying your new house. You know you are really living in Dale Earnhart territory now, right?

  3. Thanks for sharing, Jenn! The house looks beautiful. I love Celina's shiny blue bedspread! I'm so excited about what God provided for your family!

  4. Wow! It's beautiful, and I'm even more impressed at how quickly you unpacked! I'm the slowest unpacker in history. :)

    So glad you're getting settled.


  5. Yes, Lindi, I'm definitely in Dale Earnhart country. I don't live five minutes from Dale Earnhart Rd. It feels a little strange since I grew up in Richard Petty country. I went to school with the Bodines and my husband's family went to school Pettys. You can't miss the racing world if you live in the Carolinas.