Thursday, April 17, 2008


As I was about to write my post, I logged on and saw Angie's post on day timers. I was going to title my post Tired and Overwhelmed, but decided to change it to match hers. :)

I bet if we looked at Angie's day timer, we'd get exhausted. Just from looking at it! I think we often try to do too much. I know I do.

I was at the point last night where I finally just had to go to bed. I felt like I was getting sick from exhaustion. I've been writing/revising like crazy over the last couple of weeks (burning the candle at both ends, as my mom always says), trying to get a manuscript ready to mail by a self-imposed deadline. Well, actually I had told the editor the deadline, so it made it more than just self-imposed.

Well, I didn't get it in the mail yesterday. I was so frustrated with myself. The manuscript was still 2500 words too long, even though I had cut gobs of pages out. So I had to email her to tell her I didn't get finished when I thought I would. Not a good feeling.

How many of us put in too many hours each day? How many are sleep-deprived? How many have mountains of dirty laundry screaming your name (or maybe it's the children screaming for clean underwear)? How many have an empty fridge because you were supposed to go to the grocery store yesterday or the day before and now you're having to resort to feeding your family frozen pizza--again--or frozen waffles with Coke because you're out of milk? (Okay, maybe that was a little too over the top for most of you. But I did yesterday. )

I know my problem is scheduling too much. And I don't even have 6 kids like Angie. I only have 3. But when it's the week for regional tennis tournaments for two kids, the week for a haircut for one, for the dentist for one, for the orthodontist for one, for honors chorus for one, for another chorus concert for one, how can you fit in a grocery trip and finish a way-too-long manuscript, I ask! :) (Oh, goodness, I forgot to mention my husband's birthday Friday, too. I don't have his gift yet!)

We can't always do it all. And I have to tell myself that sometimes. I'm working over-time this week, doing the best I can. Does anyone else feel exhausted and overwhelmed sometimes? (Like I need to ask that question!)


  1. You know, people think I'm busy. But I'm just busy because I'm at work 10-12 hrs a day. I go one place, stay there and work, then try to fit the rest of my life in. Some of you guys have all this running around to do all day. I mean you are running from sun-up to sun-down. That is way more tiring than going to a job all day in my opinion.

    Keep up the work Missy. You are doing a great job. You'll get that ms out soon. Then you can hmmmm.....start all over again on a new one? Sounds like a plan to me.
    You rock, girl. Get some sleep.

  2. Thanks, Lindi. I got to bed at before 1 am (early for me), and got up at 6:30. But I dozed on the couch til nearly 7 because I was so sleepy--which, unfortunately, made me late for school. But I do actually feel a bit better now. I got more than 5 hours of sleep! :)
    Plus I went to the grocery, and we now have food! Healthy food. LOL

    By the way, my oldest won his regional tennis match this morning, and his whole team won, too! So they play again today. They were 3rd place in the region for the season, so we're hoping they'll make it to state.


  3. I absolutely feel exhausted sometimes. That's the days you need to plan for a cocoon time. Go, Go, Go...and then cocoon at a matinee :-) where nobody can find you and you turn the cell off!

    It's just very important for everyone to remember to rest in all the racing around.