Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Preparing for Travel

We are leaving the country for 10 days!

I've become very introspective about it. In fact, I've become very thoughtful about everything. I can't get away from the idea that I could have a character doing everything and anything that anyone would do.

I find myself studying people, places, events, and things down to the minute detail.

Can you imagine a hero or heroine going to Thailand?

We'll be flying for about 16 hours, but there are an additional 13.5 hours of layovers.

I'm taking a notebook, but not my computer. There's no way I can handle it with all the things we will be doing and the different electrical currents. I know I'll feel naked. Lila goes with me everywhere nowadays! (Lila, the laptop, was named by my son because of the lilac bag she lives in, lol.)

I'll be incommunicado for that whole time. That makes me nervous! No blogging, no phone calls, emails...whoa!

This could be a very good break for my brain! I don't think I've been far from my computer lifestyle in years. Hmmm, this could be a refresher I've really needed.

What kind of refresher would you need?

PS Visit me over at God Uses Broken Vessels too. During the 10 days I'll be gone, I hope you'll enjoy past posts you may have missed. I will be missing next week for sure :-)


  1. sometimes at night my hubby and I sit and watch TV. I really enjoy that time. We don't watch a whole lot of television, so it's kind of getting the brain into a mindless place where we can laugh and be together.

  2. I do the same with my kids as Lindi does with her dh. We usually watch something like America's Funniest Home videos (if they get the remote) or The Food Network (if I get it). :)

    I also like to take a day off the Internet every now and then, ofen on Sundays. It's such a relaxing feeling!
    Angie we'll miss you but will know you're having a great time!!