Thursday, April 24, 2008

We interrupt this broadcast...

From the Faithgirls Press:

Professional dancer, Missy Tippens, sustained a career-ending Dancer's Break while in the middle of one of her famous pirouettes. She's hoping to be back on stage--

Reality Newsflash!

Oops. Okay, I'll be honest. I turned and missed seeing a small ledge, stepped off it, and my foot folded under. After that... the "pop" heard round the kitchen. Of the 5th metatarsal--a foot break known as a Dancer's Break. But mine wasn't so glamorous as poor ballerina collapsing on stage. And I still get 6 weeks in a walking boot cast. Along with crutches for the time being.

Aren't there days where you wish you could re-write the story of your life? Maybe dress it up a little, or hide some of your secrets better? One of the problems with the business of writing is that we have to promote ourselves. We have to look good on our websites and blog, in emails and on postcards and bookmarks. When we write a cover letter or query, we have to take one little accomplishment (I published a short story in 4th grade!) and make it do for the whole paragraph about our amazing writing career. I'm not saying we're lying. But we're having to romanticize a little.

But then sometimes you just need to tell that you turned too quickly, trying to jabber to get yourself heard in the middle of a conversation of a bunch of women, and stepped off a little 2-inch ledge. Almost bawled like a baby in front of the whole assembled party, and had to beg for an ice pack.

Sometimes, the stark truth is comforting to someone who's having a bad day. Or someone who's not feeling too good about herself at the moment. So have at it! I'll share my embarrassment to brighten your day. :)



  1. Ouch, Missy.
    Here's a bright side. You're NOT a ballerina. You're a writer. Good thing you don't make your living with your feet, not cuz you'd be bad at it, although the evidence seems to suggest that. But because you can still write. In fact now, well, you can just go to your computer, plunk yourself down and when supper's not ready, yell, Broken Foot!

    I give it three days before they start telling you to start HOPPING while you cook, but ah...the beauty of those three days.

  2. LOL! You're right! I'm getting spoiled, even though I'm so frustrated about being stuck depending on everyone else.

    I know there's a lesson in there somewhere!

    Missy--who is plunked on the couch right now, hoping hubby will be home for lunch soon because I'm starving!

  3. Missy, love your humorous touch on a not so funny accident. I'd still be whining. :-)

    Re-writing some of life's horrible, frightening or embarrassing moments would be grand. But alas, we writers can only control what happens to people who live on the page. I'm guessing I'd mess it up even if I were in control.

    Something good will come from this. Like Mary, I hope you'll get a few days of well-deserved coddling.

  4. Oh, rats, Missy, I heard a rumor they were soliciting published authors for the next season of Dancing With the Stars. I take it you will be turning them down???

  5. Missy, you said: "I'm not saying we're lying. But we're having to romanticize a little."

    Amen to that! We're romance writers, after all -- broken foot or foot in mouth (which is more my malady), either way, we have to give 'em a happy ending!

    Praying for that foot, Missy!


  6. Missy--who is plunked on the couch right now, hoping hubby will be home for lunch soon because I'm starving!


    I love it.
    So any luck or has he left you there to fade away to nothing but broken bones.

  7. Janet, one thing I love about writing is being able to write those happy endings! And to write out the mistakes, or else to make all turn for the good. :)

    Myra! I want to be on Dancing with the Stars! If Marie Osmond can do it, surely I can--cast and all! :)

    Julie, I can't believe you ever do the foot in mouth thing. You're too poised!

    Mary, you can quit worrying about me. He came home at about 1:30 (when I was just to the point of collapsing in hunger)and brought some spaghetti that was leftover from last night's church supper. Yum!


  8. Oh, Missy, I'm feeling your pain, honey! So sorry for the injury and cast! YUCK! That puts a damper on everything, doesn't it! Guess you'll just (notice the Southern pronunciation of just) have to sit with your lap top and crank out another book! Can't wait for the next heartwarming Missy Tippens read!

  9. First, why are you posting today. It says Angie on Wed.

    I'm sorry about your foot. I have thought of you today as I was running around doing errands. We take such a simple thing as walking so for granted.

    The thing that really stinks when mom's get injured or get sick they rarely get the kind of down time another family would get.

    Try to be a teeny bit selfish in the name of healing, would you??

  10. Debby, I did try to use the time to finish cutting words this week. I sent the manuscript early this morning!

    Tina, honey, today is THURSDAY. LOL I hope you weren't supposed to be anywhere!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Put it this way, Missy, this has GOT to go in a book, right? Like my ACL surgery made it into mine? Somehow, 15 months after the fact, it starts to seem rather funny--funny enough to write about it anyway. :)

    Seriously, I'm praying for a quick recovery for you!

  12. Today is Thursday? Really?

    Oh, my!!!

  13. Camy, you're right. I actually have a sprained ankle in my wip. Maybe I need to upgrade to a break! :)

    It does lend authenticity. I could tell in your book that you knew what you were writing about!