Friday, April 11, 2008

Well...It happened.

I returned to work and so did the pounds.

I can still wear the same clothes, but the scales are quickly climbing.

And Summer's coming! That means shorts and sleeveless tops. That means my arms, flapping with the wind!

I know what I need to do. I've felt crummy for months now. I'm tired of feeling tired. I want to get motivated to move, but every time the opportunity comes, I find something else to do. I know what I need to change in my diet.

Out with the sugar-laden sweets, in with the fresh fruits and vegetables.

The changes I need to make, I want to do them for life long health. It's not just about my weight. It's about feeling better every day.


How have some of you fought the temptation of sitting in front of the television instead of taking an evening walk? How do you fight the munchies that nab you about mid day - when you know good and well you AREN'T hungry? How do you say NO to foods and doing things that are bad for our bodies and stick to it?

It's something deep, I'm sure. A lot of prayer, I'm guessing. Help out your F.A.I.T.H. girl and have a fabulous Friday!

And by the way, head over to Lindi's blog. She's hosting Amy Wallace AND there's a contest involved....


  1. Ok Christy,.............I only waited for your post prior to getting some sleep..............heck,,,,,,,,eating is GRAND !!!!'s the trick, and I learned the hard way......I got sick with a bad Gall Bladder and was told to eat NO FAT !! I spent hours in the stores reading labels...... also, was told only to eat a cup or so at a time............. I ate baked potatos..... (Molly McButter is great!), salads with chicken and fat free dressing, carry jello packets in pockets......In 4 months I was a size 0 or 2.........try to find them.........but after the fact Im back to normal !! Its willpower, trust me, I was hungry all the time !!!
    You can do it Woman !!!!

  2. Weight Watchers is keeping me accountable. Knowing that I only have so many points a day, I'm careful how I use them. I know that if I spurge and use half of them for lunch, I'm going to be hungry later. Do I really want to do that? In turn, I make wiser choices. I grab an apple instead of a handful of chips or a cookie. During cooler weather I can't get into salads. But I love those Smart Ones frozen dinners. I can find almost anything I'm in the mood for and they taste wonderful. So good that my husband has started eating them. Sigh. I hate it when he eats the one I'm craving that day:-P

  3. I'm cracking up about your saying your arms are flapping in the wind! I'm so there with you!!! LOL

    I just picked up a Woman's World Magazine (April 14 issue). It talks about "The No S Diet". No Sweets, no Snacks, and no Seconds except for on days that start with S (Sat. and Sun.). I like how simple that is and may try it myself. Except I'm a huge nightime snacker! I may have to work out something there. :)


  4. Hey Wendy/Anonymous!
    Willpower, huh? I need some prayer for that! I think that's where I'm lacking! I'm glad you were successfull. I've heard those gall bladders can be pretty pesky.

    I'll have to give Molly McButter a try. It's been around forever and I've never tried it. figures ;)

  5. Hey Mindy, I did Weight Watchers and I was the only one in our group who consistently gained weight the entire time I was on it. My points were gone by lunch!

    I have no excuses though. (snicker)

    However, it is a great program! No points for veggies and low points for fruits, that's the way I need to be eating. Thanks for supporting me!

  6. Missy,

    That's an interesting comment about No S diet. They say you need a day to splurge a little, so the weekends make sense. The sweets, snacks and oh heck, yes the seconds too, are my problem.

    Let me be honest, some people drink when they're stressed, some people smoke, I eat. I need to fuel my stress and frustration into something productive... let's say... Writing!

  7. Some of you know that I'm a Weight Watcher:-) Now I've been living a new life for the last year and a half. I love it because I do snack and eat what I want. I use the points system. But! I eat 5-6 times a day. I spread the points out over the day and eat every 2-3 hours. I stay satisfied. I also save 2-3 points for my night time snack. I have to because I sleep better and I get hungry at night. I also love the Smart Ones meals, but I've been doing it so long that I can pretty much pick the right foods now. If I screw up, and I do, I get right back at it the next meal. My 35 pounds were a SLOW loss, but very worth it! I have some tips over at my blog as well as recipes that I really like. You'll find it under and then look for the label, Weight Watchers.

    I also do exercise while I clean my kitchen. Pushups off the kitchen counter, squats folding laundry, and I walk 3 or 4 times a week for 2 miles varying the speed. Major Issue: Focus on ONE new goal a week, not ten. It's too overwhelming to try to change everything at once. Just one thing, then the next.

  8. it's funny you posted this on Friday. I had my yearly check-up and I'm always concerned whether I've gained weight or not. I did okay this time, but I do have to work at my weight. I gave up potatoes for Lent about 5 years ago and lost 15 pounds in 40 day. (I guess I was a big potatoe eater!) Anyway, I've gained back about 10 of those 15 over the years, but I still watch what I eat. I splurge now and then, but I rarely eat out for lunch at work. I take my lunch every day. I don't really snack because I only eat what I pack in the morning and i never have cash to get something out of the snack machine.
    Plus, something else I've done is eat dinner off of a salad plate. I know that's how much I"m going to get and that's it.

  9. Soo feeling you. I'm a bridesmaid in September and my fellow bridesmaid has already dropped 30 pounds since my sister got engaged. Talk about presssure!

    Unfortunately down here we're heading into winter which just makes it that much harder when you fall into the trap of complacency cuse those comfy sweats have so much give and cover a multitude of sins unlike singlets and bathing suits!

    My problem is that I am the worst picker in the world. A bit here, a bit there, I can't seem to get my head around the fact that trimming the edge of the brownie is that same as eating an actual brownie! Unfortunately, my body certainly does and shows it!


  10. Kara!!! That's so funny, what you said about trimming the brownies! LOL!! :)

    Brownies are my biggest weakness in life. I tend to go eat "just a bite". But I do it every time I walk through the kitchen. It does add up--to about a half a pan! :)