Saturday, April 19, 2008

Writers Bonding

I'm sometimes amazed by the strength that we writers share in our online bonding and the few visits we have with each year. We only get to see our writer friends who live across country once or twice a year, but we communicate daily through email, writing forums, Internet loops, and blogs like this one. The friendships we develop bond us for life. The prayers we share are life-altering prayers.

When something happens to a Faith sister, or one of our other writer friends, we feel the impact with them and lift them up in prayer. My friend Cheryl Wyatt had a serious car accident a couple of weeks ago, but when I heard about it, it was like hearing about my sister. I met Cheryl for the first time last November at a writing retreat, but the knowledge of something happening to her deeply impacted me. How is that?

I think it is because we truly are family. The same Holy Spirit who dwells in her, dwells in me--in all of us. When He grieves for a brother or sister, we feel it. If you think about it today, please stop over and give Cheryl a word of encouragement and lift her up in prayer.


  1. Well, the F.A.I.T.H. girls wouldn't exist if it wasn't for online--email....
    I know our friendship is something I have cherished and realize what an awesome God we have to have met such incredible women.

  2. I'm so thankful Cheryl wasn't hurt worse and that her girls are okay! She truly believes God was watching out for them.

    Jenn, you're so right about the community we've met online. Mary Connealy has told a funny story (if I don't mess it up) about how weird it was to tell her husband she was going to get on an airplane for the first time ever, go to a writers conference to hang out with people she'd only met online, and share a room with a stranger. :)

    It's amazing what we'll do for our love of writing. :)


  3. One of my best friends is one I met online, through the faith girls. I talk to Mindy once a week, sometimes twice. That's more than I talk to my own family!!! Family who lives a few miles away from me!

    I'll keep Cheryl in my prayers. She is lucky her injuries weren't worse! Thank the Lord for his armour over her!