Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Writing Prayer

There are times when I'm weary and weak. The full-time job, family commitments and needs, or other things distract me and zap my energy. I don't know what to pray because it seems as if I've already prayed everything I can pray regarding my writing. Sometimes we can wake up and just feel empty and we need God to refill us again. For these reasons and many more, I pulled together some writing prayers from my journal and combined them into one prayer for anyone who might be in need of it. Feel free to pray this prayer as you feel led.

Dear Lord,

Show me how to be a better writer. I have learned from man through classes, workshops, critiques, contests, and reading other books. I ask that You to show me how to be the writer You created me to be. I pray you will help me develop my own distinct writing voice and improve it. Be my writing instructor, Lord. Help me to listen and heed Your voice.

Teach me what my writing weaknesses are and how to improve them. Give me creative ideas, story plots, and appropriate scene sequences. I want your help to write great stories that will trump over any writing mistakes or flaws that are missed in the edits of my work, and help me to make as few of these mistakes as possible. Help me build my vocabulary and sentence structure. Help me create realistic dialogue that is true to my characters' personalities. I pray you will show me how to write vivid, believable, and memorable characters that people will sympathize with, cheer for, cry with, and can't forget. Point out clich├ęs and remind me to avoid them. Show me how to be more creative with my words, dialogue, and descriptions. Assist me with the flow, movement, story structure, and behavior of my characters.

Lord, it is so important to show appropriate emotion in my stories. I need your help with this. I need to show how my chracters feel and what they're experiencing without telling it. Teach me to transition character POV properly and remind me to be consistent. Give me the ability to choose the best character POV for each individual scene.

Give me the strength and confidence I need to keep trying. Help me to keep my focus on You, not me, and not other writers. When I read other great books, discourage me from thinking things like, "I'll never be able to write like that." Inspire me to write to the best of my ability, and I ask that you increase and improve that ability every day.

Lord, you have put the desire of writing fiction in my heart. Now I ask that You put the ability to write well and to tell wonderful, gripping stories in my heart, in my mind, and bring it to fruition in my life. Bring this desire, this gift, this ability into many finished novels that will sell well and produce abundant fruit for Your glory to fulfill my calling from You. I pray that I will not be the obstacle in my own path, but that I will be humble in allowing You to mold me, teach me, and create me to be the writer I am meant to be.

I thank You for the progress that I've already made, for being with me every step of the way, and for being my writing coach when I need You most. You are so good. I give you praise for all that You have accomplished in my life. Thank you for the support of my family, friends, and the writing network you have built around me. Lord, keep your Word alive in me. Shower me with Your awesome presence and love. I trust You with my life, my writing, and my future. I thank You that I do not have to walk this writing path alone. I love You and praise You.

In Jesus Name,



  1. Thank you for that prayer. I add my own heart to the request and pray that also.

  2. Love the prayer, Jenn. We have to put Him first.
    Well said.

  3. Amen!

    I pray this for all of us.