Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Best Role Ever--Motherhood

The other day I was thinking about my childhood, and how my fondest memories are between the ages of nine and fifteen. Those seem to be the most impressionable years of my life. My mother spent countless hours talking to me about events that happened to me at school, friends' behaviors and what my responses should be. The family vacations that we took took during this time are what I cherish most.

My daughter will be eleven this summer and I see her entering this stage. She's full of so many questions, bright eyed and ready to listen to anything we tell her. She's soaking in so much of her environment, history, things her dad and I share with her. I know that the next few years will be the foundation of building her independence, applying her faith to her life, and making decisions for her future. Everything we pour into her during these years will prepare her for leaving the nest. I'm torn between being happy and excited for her, but sad at the same time.

Our daughter has special needs and we are seeing God's promise in her as she outgrows some of these areas. It's hard to know when to let go and when to hold on a little longer. Lately, there has been a lot of letting go and some pushing her to try things that other kids her age are already doing. It might be something simple in making a purchase of her own since she struggles with math. It might be browsing a shelf in a bookstore near me, but far enough to give her some independence. Or giving her a list of responsibilities and letting her decide a schedule. Instead of buying her everything she wants, giving her an allowance so she can experience saving for what she wants. We've also stopped helping with homework the first time she asks for it. We're giving her a chance to work at it a little more before we jump in.

I love spending time with her. I love sharing my life, goals, and interests with her. It's so nice to have older conversations now. We are developing a new mother/daughter relationship--one where she can share her thoughts with me and I'm not having to guess by her behaviors.

Whatever stage you are in with your children, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!
PS - The photo is of us last week in Society Hill, SC at the Caleb Coker Plantation. Caleb was the father of Anne Coker, who married Jesse Hudson, my gggg-grandfather.


  1. Relationships are so important. I'm glad you are cherishing these moments. I know you and your daughter are close and will continue to be.
    My daughter is graduating from college and getting married this year. We do have a close relationship and it's fun doing things together and sharing things.

    I love the photo. And your family history is very cool!!

  2. What a cool photo, Jenn! And the family history is amazing. I think it's great that you're sharing that with your daughter.

    I agree about letting them grow up. It's so hard!

    Missy (who's having to face dealing with a graduating senior.)