Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Call...

Over at God Uses Broken Vessels, I posted some fun news. I received a call a few days ago. (No, not the kind you are thinking of...still waiting on the publishers.)

But a very exciting one to me, none the less.

Hu Hot Restaurant's national recipe contest has its finalist round in my home town. Now I bet you are wondering what that has to do with a call...

As Mrs. Missoula America, I get to be one of the distinguished judges :-D

I thought I'd mention this because there are so many things we want, wish for, and pray to receive. Obviously, I have the goal of becoming Mrs. Montana, Mrs. America, and Mrs. World. But along the way, I get to celebrate very joyful experiences.

I'm grateful for the fun I've been given in this one opportunity. I love food, recipes, baking, cooking, and eating!

I love the idea that I get to be a part of this contest just because I'm Mrs. Missoula. So unexpected!

We never really know what the results of different decisions will be. Some will be expected and some unexpected memories on the road to our dreams.

I think we need to remember to celebrate all those experiences as well as the dream. I think they are encouraging gifts that God blesses us with along the way.

I also think it's possible that something we think is our goal turns out to be simply the vehicle to a completely different dream He has planned for us.

Reaching for a goal that changes is not failure. Consider it preparation for your true calling. You may learn a skill or gain wisdom that could only be learned on that road.

Now what will I learn or gain by being a national recipe judge? I have no idea, but I'm sure willing to find out :-)

Have you had surprises along the path to your goal or dream? How did it bless you?

How awesome that our lives are full of surprises :-)

PS More info over at God Uses Broken Vessels. Come visit for a mini tour of Thailand too.


  1. Angie,
    I like this, "Reaching for a goal is not a failure. Consider it preparation for your true calling."

    I needed to hear this today!

  2. I agree with Christy, love the statement!

    I've been derailed so many times from my goals that I've lost count. Some were huge disappointments, others were true blessings that really inspired me and taught me so much more than what I would have experienced without the derailment.

    Now that I've said that, I've laid my writing at the Lord's feet. (Finally!) I don't pray for publication with this particular editor or that particular publishing house, or for it to be RIGHT NOW. God knows best, and He has taught me that. So I'm trusting in His judgment as to which editor, which publisher, and WHEN.

  3. The journey is what it's all about. It's kinda like Christmas. I LOVE the Christmas season. So much so that Christmas day is kind of anti-climactic. It means it's all over.

    I don't expect anything to be over once I'm published. Instead, it will be the beginning of another journey. One of the things I cherish most about journeys are the friends I make along the way. And those will always be with me.

  4. Ang,
    Thank you for taking us on your journey. Make sure you let us know how the tasting went.

    And thanks for the post. I have had surprises and I find the things I wish for most don't happen and when I'm not expecting anything, well something always surprises me.

  5. You've all made great comments today!! You've said things I was thinking.

    Angie, congrats on being invited to take part! How fun!