Monday, May 12, 2008

Emotionally Yours

Emotion-let it run wild in your storytelling.

Face it. We can have a great story-we can have great characters with fascinating back story. But without emotion the story sits on the page-flat. It has a monotone feel and it's hard to relate to anything.

We as writers have to make the emotions of our characters resound in the hearts of our readers. We have to make them feel what is going on with our characters.

Think of some of your favorite books. Think of the characters in the books. Have you ever read a book you didn't want to end because you wouldn't have any more interaction with the characters? That writer has done a great job in getting the emotion of the character on the page.

I used to read only historical romances. I loved them. (Still do) But when I started writing I found all other genres. The first book I can remember reading where I didn't want the book to end was The Passion of Patrick MacNeill by Virginia Kantra. Patrick MacNeill had my heart. And why? Because of great writing.

So let's have it? What are some of your favorite books or characters? Had any you didn't want to let go?


  1. I've had a bunch I didn't want to end. Of course, I'm drawing a blank right now. :)

    But I think what's important in making that emotion happen is to find the character's worst fear, then make the worst happen. The reader gets to see how the character faces that fear, how the character grows. Then the reader feels involved and attached to the character. Which makes character planning very important! :)


  2. I just thought of some examples. And I realized it's not really specific books, but specific authors who are apparently great at characterization.

    Deb Smith (On Bear Mountain came to mind.)
    Jenny Crusie
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Jenni St. Giles
    Cheryl Wilson (C.L. Wilson)

    All of these have made me go back and re-read to see why I fell in love with the characters.


  3. Right on, Missy. find that worst fear and make them grow.

    Great authors you've showcased here also.