Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lost in Time

So here I sit in a conference on Quickbooks. I am thrilled with what I'm learning! However, I am still recovering from jet lag due to my return across the sea!

The jet lag is much worse on the return than on the outbound. Thailand is 13 hours ahead of Montana. My days and nights are flip-flopped.

Anyway, we lost 2 days coming home.

Sitting next to a friend in this class, I suddenly realized it is Wednesday! My day to post, lol.

Time Warp!

I'm functioning, but really not aware of time passing in the normal manner. How surprising since I've traveled overseas several times in my life.

Have you ever lost days?

The last time I did was 5 years ago in cancer recovery. It took me months to figure out which end was up. I sure hope it isn't months this time, lol.

I wanted to mention that I am posting a series on Thailand and travel tips over at my personal blog:
God Uses broken vessels. Come visit for some fun stuff!

Okay, quick tip for jet lag...Always, always stay on the arrival local time. What that means is that if you arrive in the morning, you need to stay on the new day schedule and not go right to bed. You will acclimatize much quicker. This works whether you are changing by 3 hours or 13. It's a little harder going backward in time, but it still works better than trying to catch up on sleep.

Happy travels (and remember to visit me for Thailand adventures.)