Monday, May 5, 2008

Singing-Writing-So Different And Yet The Same

I'm an American Idol Fan. Not from the beginning, but this is the fourth season I've watched. I really enjoy the show. I haven't voted this year so I can't complain when my fav's leave, but I believe there is great success for a lot of the contestants.

A couple of weeks ago Sir Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber was the mentor for the week. He is a very interesting, talented, brilliant man. At the beginning of the show they showed a clip of when he met the contestants and he had some comments. One of them went something like this:

Everthing I do is story driven. What they are singing about is what makes a performance.

I didn't put it in quotes. Not sure if I got it exactly right, but it's really close.

The point of almost quoting Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber on the F.A.I.T.H. blog is this:

Everything I do is story driven. Story. Our stories. Then he talks about what they are singing is what makes the performance strong. And I add they have to sing it with a passion for the lyrics. They have to make you believe they believe what they are singing.

Just like us. Writers. We have to make the reader believe the story we're telling. We have to use passion, a strong voice and everything that is in us to make a reader fall for our book. Story driven. We must tell a story. A tale. An adventure. Our hero, heroine or both of them together, must be a part of a story that takes us on a ride from here to there and at the end the reader has to feel the journey was worth it.
Every person in the world has stories to tell. Writers are crazy enough to make up characters, write on paper the stories they want to tell. We could all write the "same" story and it would be so different because of our voices, our backgrounds, our perspectives.

So as Sir Andrew says-let's make our performances strong!!


  1. I watched that episode, Lindi (okay, I admit, I've watched them all!). And it was so interesting to hear Andrew LW and watch him. The singers he was most pleased with were the ones who "got" the songs--those who knew the story (and not just the song on the radio or CD). They understood what the characters were feeling. They knew all the feelings that were supposed to be behind the words and music.

    Lindi, that's so cool that you tied that in to our writing! We have to put ourselves into the writing. We have to be an actor living out the story. Not just a person writing down words and plot lines.

    The key is feeling. Is knowing what's in the characters' heads. Is knowing their pasts and their fears. We feel their pain as they're forced to grow and overcome those fears.

    Okay, I'll quit rambling. Now back to work... :) Great post.


  2. Thanks Missy. What caught my attention was when he said 'story driven'. After that I was all ears and realized how our writing has to have the same type of feel.

    We're such Idol fans---I have to justify it somehow, right? and if I think I"m learning, well.....

  3. I saw that one, too. We need to feel the story in order to do it justice, just like a singer does. When he was talking to Brooke, I think, and telling her that the song was coming from the heart of a woman who was dying. It's like Liz Curtis Higgs said at the 2006 ACFW conference, we have to go to those places we don't necessarily want to go, we have to dig, in order to do the story justice.

  4. That's right, Mindy. That's when it was.


  5. I do not watch the show but I know what you say about the story behind a song. My oldest sang in church from 10 years of age to 19 (when she rebelled and put me through 3 rough years). But the songs always ended up blending with the sermom which she did not know. I was always so blessed with God using her. I will rejoice the day this happens again.
    She came and sang all those songs for us 4 years ago for our 25th wedding anniversary as it was all we wanted.
    I pray she finds her way back to glorifying God with her music. She loved to sing Amy Grant songs.
    God Bless
    Now I teach children and my lessons are the same way as it is church groups.

  6. Mindy,
    You're right about the digging. Sometimes the digging is hard, though. But our stories are better for it.

  7. squiresj,

    Your daughter sounds like a beautiful person. She will find her way back because you taught her well. And it is interesting how the songs she chose blended with the sermon. And I'm sure she felt them inside to sing them so beautifully.