Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Storms, Weddings, and Revisions. . .Oh My!

Yes, these are the things at the forefront of my brain today. At 8:30 in the morning, it's as dark as night. Though the severe thunderstorm has passed, the sky has been slow to return to it's usual brightness. Maybe soon.

This weekend was a girls weekend, spent with two of my three daughters, my eldest daughter's best friend/maid of honor, and my soon-to-be son-in-law's mother, sister, and niece. We traveled the entire north Texas region in search of the perfect wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Lots of time and energy went into the endeavor, but in the end, it was all worth it. The bride's dress is gorgeous, and the bridesmaids may actually wear their dresses again :-)

Then there are the revisions I've been doing on my WIP. Ratcheting motivations and conflict. Oy! So this morning, as I watched the rain pour down, with all of these thoughts whirling around my brain, afraid to turn on my computer until the lightning had dissipated, I grabbed my little devotional entitled Jesus Calling. And this is what it said:

Do not search for security in the world you inhabit. You tend to make mental checklists of things you need to do in order to gain control of your life. If only you could check everything off your list, you could relax and be at peace. But the more you work to accomplish that goal, the more things crop up on your list. The harder you try, the more frustrated you become.

There is a better way to find security in this life. Instead of scrutinizing your checklist, focus your attention on My Presence with you. This continual contact with Me will keep you in My Peace. Moreover, I will help you sort out what is important and what is not, what needs to be done now, and what does not. Fix your eyes not on what is seen (your circumstances), but on what is unseen (My Presence).

Well, that certainly hit home. Our rest, our peace, is in Christ. Yet we so rarely take advantage of it. We're too easily distracted by all this world throws at us. Yet I know, given to Him, I can accomplish more in two hours than in ten on my own.

The birds are singing now. The sky is no longer dark. It's time to attack that to-do list. But I think I'll make it a prayer request first.


  1. Well said, Mindy. Don't you just love weddings?!!!!!

    I say yes.

  2. Um, did I detect a hint of sarcasm there, Lindi? :-)

  3. Great post, Mindy. Sorry I'm a day late. :) I was a guest blogger yesterday and didn't do much else.

    It was a perfect message for me today as I'm overwhelmed with things that need to be done around the house. Since I'm off my feet so much right now, the dirty clothes have piled high. We've also had trouble with our modem (which required two long phone calls to the dsl provider). Plus all the regular stuff.

    So thanks for the reminder to rest in Him!