Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Title Search

I need your help! My editor has asked for title ideas for the book that sold last week. I've gotten a little help from the Seekers. Well, a lot of help, actually. (A few rather hysterical ones from Mary Connealy, too.) :) And I've found three or four that I really like.

But I'd love to hear from you! I'll post a short back-cover type blurb here. I know it's not much to go on, so I'll add these things to think of as well: family, small town, hero's journey of feeling acceptance, heroine's journey of having to learn to give up control of everyone around her and to live her own life, hero returns to faith, the season is spring.

The blurb:
Bill wants to move his feeble granny into his Boston home and find the sense of family he’s been missing. Lindsay intends to convince him that his granny is perfectly capable of staying in Magnolia, Georgia, where she and Granny are running a community center together.

While the two face off, Bill’s high school crush on Lindsay returns with a vengeance. He’s afraid he’s falling in love once again. But is she willing to open her wounded heart to the friend who once deserted her?

Okay, have at it!! Oh, and there's an incentive! :)

For any titles that I decide I like, and that I end up sending to my editor (which I haven't already thought of or had suggested), I'll send the person a bookmark! F.A.I.T.H. Girls, you can take part in this, too, because I'll be sending multiple prizes. I'll be going to Barnes & Noble and picking out some cute bookmarks this evening, so I hope you'll all contribute! (I'm pretty terrible at titles, by the way, so I need your help.)

On a last funny note, I'll share one of Mary's rather humorous titles. The hero is geeky physicist (well, he's hunky now, but he used to be geeky--and still bumbles around a bit in the story), and the heroine is a former popular cheerleader type. (Yes, I have another opposites attract story.) So here's one of Mary's ideas, thrown into the middle of all her serious ones:

Bunsen Burner and Pom Poms. :) Thanks for the laugh, Mary.

I appreciate everyone's help! And I'm sorry the above title is already taken. LOL



  1. Hi, Missy. I'd send you more ideas but c'mon! I sent twenty yesterday.

    How about:

    Square Root Love
    Theory of Relatives
    Outside the In Crowd
    Love and the In Crowd
    Tug of War
    Opposites Attract

  2. I think the book sounds great, btw, Missy. Terrific premise.

  3. I'll give it a shot.


    Okay, that's about all the damage I can inflict right now. What's wrong with BUNSEN BURNERS AND POM POM'S? :-)

  4. Mary, you're off the hook. You've already done enough damage--I mean help. ;)

    LOL, Mindy! I guess I could send it to give Emily and Krista a good laugh. :)

    Thanks, ladies. I'll ruminate some on your titles this afternoon. :)

    Okay, I'm looking for more ideas! I think it's harder when I'm too close to the story. In my first book, when they told me the title they were wanting to use, it was like a light bulb going on. It was so perfect for the story, but I had never thought of it.

  5. YOu know, the double meaning of Opposites Attract just now hit me! Him being a physicist and all--you know, magnetism?? Did you two do that intentionally? (tell the truth!)

    Missy :)

  6. Silly me. I wrote OPPOSITES ATTRACT without even noticing that Mary had written the same thing. Great minds think alike, eh Mary?

  7. Hi there, I'm Amy, Mindys daughter, thought this sounded fun and that i'd give it a try so here we go...

    Basic Relativity

    Quantum entanglement
    (definition) a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects are linked together so that one object cannot be adequately described without full mention of its counterpart


  8. Way to go, Amy. I may be coming to you next time I'm looking for a title. Who knew you were so creative. (She gets it from me :-)

  9. Well, I'll try posting again. It disappeared. Sorry if this posts twice!

    Amy, thanks for jumping in! You sure must get your creativity from your mom. :)

    You know, I've never seen that definition of quantum. Thanks for sharing. So cool!!


  10. I'm brain dead tonight. Well, every night actually. Nothing special about this one.

  11. Lindi, get some rest and enjoy your weekend!


  12. His Forever Love
    A Love Forever
    Will She Be Mine

    All For Love

    Okay--that's my best try. Sorry.

  13. Nice ones, Lindi! I really like His Forever Love.

    Okay, I'm going to send a bookmark to all you, since I think I wrote down at least one from each of you!

    Amy, I'll check with your mom to see where to send yours. :)

    Thanks, everyone!! I really appreciate you sharing your creativity!


  14. Yeah!! I really wanted a bookmark!

  15. Dueling Hearts
    Entangled Plans
    Faceoff for Granny
    Magnolia Physics
    Magnolia Cheers

    Just a few thoughts!

  16. thanks, Jenn!! I appreciate the help!

    Missy :)

  17. haven't got much

    longing to belong.
    for the love of Granny
    When two hearts collide
    a lesson in chemistry
    the ultimate physics experiment
    A chain reaction in Magnolia

    thats it for now.

  18. Here's my 'two cents'.....although probably not worth THAT much:

    "Between a Granny and a Hard Place"
    "Boston Beans Meet Fried Chicken"
    "Magnolia Blossoms"
    "The Sweet Smell of Magnolias"
    "Blooming Love"

    I am always drawn to titles with a little twist...something that makes me smile.

  19. Thanks, Jenny! Good ones. But I already sent my ideas in on Friday. I'm sorry I can't include any of yours!

    I appreciate all the help!


  20. Thanks, Jane!! All of you are so creative! You know, you should be writing. (Big hint!) :)


  21. Thats ok my computer has an issue with mornings. it hates them.
    i have had to restore 5 mornings in a row now and by the time i do im out of time to check the blogs so i was a bit late this week.

  22. Jenny, I'm sorry you're having computer problems--an allergy to mornings! :)

    I've had terrible email problems lately and it's so frustrating.


  23. today it became an afternoon issue also.
    its driving me mad so im hoping tomorrow will be better. i am so behind its not funny