Monday, June 9, 2008

Are You A Contestant?

Contests, contests, and more contests. Over the last couple of years I haven't been entering many contests. I've been working on figuring out my stories, voice and what works best for me.

But this year, watch out. I'm entering all I can with the editors I'm targeting. And there are a few contests with different editors and even some with agents as the final round judges. Now, if only I can final.

The Lone Star Contest had a Bethany House judge. The Maggie Contest had a Steeple Hill judge. Both those contests deadlines have passed, and yes, I have entered.

There is another contest coming up with Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner as the final round judge in the inspirational category. This is the Utah RWA Chapter Heart of the West Contest. Deadline for submission is June 14th an they are accepting electronic entries. (I love electronic entries!!) And you can pay by PayPal. (I love PayPal!!)

What are your favorite things or pet peeves about contests? How do you feel about electronic entries? Snail mail entries? Tell us all about your contest highs and lows.


  1. I've entered tons of contests in past years! I've learned lots from the judges about what works and what doesn't. I've had heartbreaking comments in with all the helpful comments. I've good results (finals) and bad (tying for 35h place out of 36 entries :)). I've had editor requests as a result of contests, but I've also had contests I won that didn't lead to a request.

    I definitely think it's worth it to enter. Good luck on your entries, Lindi!!

    I can't wait until I can entere again next year in the pubbed contests. I've saved a whole box of books to use to enter.


  2. Missy,
    I guess once the bug hits you it hits you!!
    Thank goodness there are good comments to balance out the not so good ones, huh?

  3. The Genesis this year was my first and once I scraped one of my scores out of the basement I've been looking forward to entering another.

    So looks like I'll be your competition in Heart of the West Lindi. I'm just in the process of revising my entry for what feels like the thousandth time at the moment. Good luck :)

    I am all about electronic entries. Email and Paypal baby - why would anyone want prefer paper over that!


  4. Kara,

    Thanks for stopping by. And I'm thrilled you're entering the Heart of the West. And the Genesis was tough for me, also. But we learn, take the comments, apply what we can/will think works for our story. And I have no idea why people would like paper and stamps over email and paypal.
    Good luck!! Have you enetered any other contests? I believe the TARA had a WestBow editor....I did enter that one.

  5. Right now I enter contests with electronic submissions and that accept Paypal payments. Also, I'm only going after editors since I already have an agent I'm very pleased with. Then I cross my fingers and hope and pray I don't get inexperienced judges.

  6. Jenn,
    I do like the electronic entries. Easy!!!
    Good luck to you in the contests you enter.

  7. Kara and Jenn, good luck with your entries as well!!