Monday, June 2, 2008

How Creative Are You?

Our local ACFW group had our monthly meeting last Tuesday. We did something really fun. Thought I'd share with you and let you all have some fun too.

We did a creative writing exercise. So this is what I thought we'd do today. It's really simple.

Click here. Put your cursor on a number and see what your "prompt" is. Share your prompt and your answer.

We had a lot of fun doing this. I knew we had creative people in our group and they proved true when sharing their samples.

So, let's have a fun day!! Be free, be creative and don't forget to share.


  1. Mine is to list 10 things I do whenever I procrastinate. :)

    1. READ BLOGS and comment! :)
    2. update my website
    3. eat
    4. read a magazine
    5. watch TV
    6. write a blog post ahead of time
    7. eat
    8. think up new story ideas
    9. bake brownies
    10. eat brownies. :)

    LOL. Actually, I should probably list TV more often than eat. But then again, the two often go hand in hand. :)


  2. I'll bite...sounds like fun. Here goes...

    Write about a bucket of distaste…
    (The prompt didn't say it had to be a story so I wrote a poem.)

    hollowed and blackened;
    filled with distaste.
    every flavor known to man
    dumped with haste.
    too much good.
    too much filth.
    too much wine.
    too much guilt.
    every soul’s cry
    echoes from my walls.
    my cry is never heard,
    the cry of my heart calls,
    “where does my distaste go?
    those things no one else wants to know?”

  3. That's excellent, Dianna! Thanks for taking part. :)


  4. thanks for being creative ladies. It's a fun thing to do whenever you are stuck or just want to get those creative juices going.

  5. LOL Missy! Your habits sound like mine!

    Great poem Dianna!

    By the way, Lindi, I used up all my creativity last Tuesday night. Just kidding. It was a lot of fun, though!